a silly and unreal situation; Chris and his “my nEW FRIEND” face

idk why finton was crying though it just seemed fitting. like after-tears face.

Fin during my walk with him. The last couple of days, I’ve been taking him for a walk around the town. It’s been good for he and I to get out and enjoy the air. Also gives Erin a break (regardless if she wants one or not) #lovemykids #bonding #finton

anonymous asked:

Fammi indovinare.... Sei andata in discoteca per la prima volta e dopo aver bevuto un drink (di quelli di succo che danno i baristi ai "piccoli") hai fatto un mega-fintone e ora hai bisogno dell' alcol per vivere.

Se ti urta ciò che pubblico sul mio profilo perché non ti levi dal cazzo?
E scopa di più che ti farebbe bene (;

sai crashed on me so all i could salvage was a screenshot. i don’t like how it looks and i have no patience to fix it so have it like this.

When I was a young boy
I was honest and I had more self control
If I was tempted I would
Then when I got older I began to lie to get exactly what I wanted when I wanted it
And I wanted it

sometimes Finton’s dragon is small enough to fit in his hood or bag

i drew this at a metro station without an eraser so sorry for any mistakes…