What the fuck What the fuck. 

So I’m voice calling this guy from CM. He’s a blackmail slave, but he wanted something long term. So one of ultimate goals was to have me on his insurance policy. He asked me if I would be okay with that. I’m like yeah that’s fine. I get 200,000 pounds if he dies. BUT here’s the kicker. He hinted at something happening to him, sooner than later, so I would get the money soon. WTF. I don’t even know. I told him I don’t want to kill you off, he said it wouldn’t involve me. I’m like… uhh since I’m getting the money that would raise some red flags. But we put that on hold. We agreed to 700 pounds monthly roughly $1,128 for 3 years. I would blackmail him using his ex’s email amongst other things. I’m so excited his English accent is so darn cute. 

Instagram name has changed to goddessobsidian.

There are a few feet clips that are for sale. 

My email has been empty all day, and that makes me very unhappy.
Do you want your goddess to be unhappy? I didn’t think so.

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If it isn’t about that, or tribute, I WILL block you, pigs!

We had a guest lecturer yesterday to talk about audiovisual translation work and of course of its main field, making subtitles for movies and tv shows and she had this one segment about some of the more difficult stuff she’s had to translate (mostly visual puns and the like) and you know what was her number one difficult thing?

It’s that damn duck! visual pun, where someone says duck and another character actually ducks down but instead the first character was talking about an actual duck that’s there or some other variant of it.


It’s pretty much impossible to translate that into Finnish so that it would remain funny or punny. I love that pun but I also hope I’ll never have to translate it.

Watch on mistressnaughtygenna.tumblr.com

What’s everyone up to??
Been getting asked from alot of you guys so Yes I’m here to stay, not going anywhere I promise 💋💋
Kik is not available until Tuesday or Wednesday. Part of the reason why I haven’t posted.
Did you miss me?
Hope so 💞
Even though kik isn’t avail I have a pic pack and vid package deal for Paypal users only ( sorry to some who dont haven’t)
And I have Skype and phone sessions available as well
Let’s talk daddy 💜💜💜
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If you think FinDom is about what you can get from the domme in return, you don't understand FinDom and shouldn't call yourself a FinSub.


jonlumia replied to your post “We had a guest lecturer yesterday to talk about audiovisual…”

Yeaaah the “Duck!” puns are super annoying because everytime I see one I start obsessing over how to translate that shit. I hate it. Also, please stop giving me reasons to watch stuff. I’d gladly read your subs on something I’m already watching ;w;

And there is just no way to translate it perfectly. (屮゚Д゚)屮

I did consider subbing Vikings but I think there’s already a lot of subs for it. But erm.. well, you can have my finsubs for the Room? You can always watch it again and enjoy it. James and Erimies will testify that the subs are truly amazing. 

anonymous said:

You like kpop? What's your favorite song?

Dead Leaves, by Zico from Block B
Listen here

I highly recommend to read the translation. The video I put in the link is Hangul + Romanization + Finsub. But here you can read the English translation ^^