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1. Your favourite Movie in 2012?

there 7 movies, first The Hunger Games, then The Silver Linings Playbook, and HATES, The Perks Of Being a Wallflower, Mirror Mirror, Snow white, and finally Extremely Loud and Incredible Close. 

2. Who is your favourite female fictional character?

shii…I have 5, Katniss, Clary, Tris, Hazel, and Lara Croft

3. Name of your best friend(s)?

I don’t have one currently. someone is interested?

4.Do you like The Vampire Diaries? Why/Why not?

not too much, is not kind of serie. idk

5.Your favourite actor? Why?

Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lawrence, Because they are the most beautiful and strong womens that I ever see. And I’m gonna kiss them one day.

6. Where do you live at the moment?


7. Are you born in the same country as your parents?


8. The Hunger Games or Harry Potter?

I can’t..

9. Do you like reading?

yes, bring me feelings and emotions that I even know that were there.

10. Do you like my blog?

Shiiit, I LOVE YOUR BLOG Sophie

 11.What’s your favourite food?

anything edible is my favorite food


What your favorite song?

Your favorite OTP and why?

Three wishes?

Favorite gif?

Three womens and three man (actors or not) that you love?

Where do you live and where you want to live?

Favorite District, Shadowhunter, Camp, Faction,and House?

OTP between actors?

Favorite book?

Do you like me? :D

If you could choose your name, what would be?

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How are you so perfect?

omg are you real why are you so nice thank you i am crying

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