“Finnick!” Something between a shriek and a cry of joy. A lovely if somewhat bedraggled young woman — dark tangled hair, sea green eyes — runs toward us in nothing but a sheet. “Finnick!” And suddenly, it’s as if there’s no one in the world but these two, crashing through space to reach each other. They collide, enfold, lose their balance, and slam against a wall, where they stay. Clinging into one being. Indivisible. A pang of jealousy hits me. Not for either Finnick or Annie but for their certainty. No one seeing them could doubt their love.”


When You Were Young”; a Johanna/Finnick graphic bc of emotions

And sometimes you close your eyes

And see the place where you used to live

When you were young

They say the Devil’s water it ain’t so sweet

You don’t have to drink right now

But you can dip your feet

Every once in a little while 

I need to get this off my chest

Um people, the possibility of Finnick and Johanna having a relationship before he met Annie is non-existent. Reason #1: Johanna was the victor of the 71st hunger games, while Annie was the victor of the 70th hunger games. That means Finnick met and fell in love with Annie before he even knew Johanna existed. Reason #2: There’s nothing in the books to suggest it. The only scenes they have together are in the arena in Catching Fire, but other than that, they have zero interactions with other. Which is surprising for two people who claim to be friends. Johanna was kidnapped and tortured by the Capitol and Finnick didn’t say a single word to her or about her. He didn’t say that he missed her or that he was worried about her or even acknowledge her presence. He didn’t even visit her in the hospital. Reason #3: The books made it more than clear that Finnick remained faithful to Annie during their time together. The only time he was unfaithful was when he was forced to sleep with other people against his will. And reason #4 Jena Malone already confirmed that Finnick and Johanna were like brother and sister. Not lovers. And on top of that, given how much the movies have played up the romance angle of the books, if there was something going on between Finnick and Johanna, the author and filmmakers would have said so. But they haven’t. All Jena has said is that Finnick and Johanna are like brother and sister, and Sam has done nothing but gush over Annie Cresta.

So, before you start hating on Annie Cresta for why Finnick never fell for Johanna, how about you look at the facts first. Thank you.