The Keasher Roes Show: Episode 1 - Finly Fre3 #keasher #nekcimenij

Ask thing 2

From the dorkiest of all the dorks, booweeoo. Yes I’m finly unveiling this mostly because I just remembered it

4. What’s the one outfit you wish you were allowed to wear every day without shame?

Ah, I have this really comfy pair of jeans that I like and this one white and blue long sleeved shirt. It’s cute, comfortable and warm. In the summer my ultra worn and comfy cargo shorts and my Paul McCartney tank top.

68. What’s something you’re passionate about that no one else seems to like?

Arsene Lupin! Seriously no one has heard of one of my favorite literary characters. And just old mysteries in general! Trying to get my club to read and share my passion with the likes of Conan Doyle, Rex Stout, Agatha Christie, Maurice LeBlanc in like pulling teeth from a slug: impossible.

14. What’s your favorite type of shoe?

Easy, my Mary Janes. Well they’re not /real/ Mary Janes but they kind of have that look so I call them that. There Aerosole, they’re cloth and they hug my feet perfectly. I could walk days in them, run in them, do everything. I’ll wear a pair down to the bone in under a year cause I use and abuse them daily

263. What’s your theme song?

American Girl by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. I picked it long ago because it’s just a song that lyrically and musically makes me feel light-hearted and free and that anything is possible.

170. Ever cosplayed? As who and did you do a good job? Also where were you?

I’ve gone as the 11th Doctor a few times, once to a Baltimore Con, but mostly for club events at school. I still want to finish my Maka outfit from Soul Eater…

252. What would be your superhero name?

Pfft. I have no idea. I never liked names that were like ____ man or ____ girl. It’s just boring. I’d like something cool, interesting yet a bit terrifying. Like the Reaper or something.

221. What are the different sides to your personality?

I decided there are two parts to me. There’s the ‘quiet’ me and the ‘loud’ me. Normally I’m in-between but I’ll drift more into one or the other. Quiet me is painfully shy, is totally responsible, polite and sweet always offering to help, likes peace and doesn’t seek attention yet can be annoyingly self-pitying on occasion. Loud me meanwhile wants to run up mountains, goes on crazy jogs dancing and leaping, I’m opinionated and very silly and prone to fits of powerful emotion like anger or excitement.

128. What would you do without the internet?

On some level I think I’d be ok. School wise I’d die and I’d miss the ability to look up whatever queer thought appears in my head. But I’d read (proper books not fanfiction) more, continue to run and draw more as well. Basically all the things I do now just with more time.

97. What’s something you’d like to do but are too afraid to?

I’d really like to do something totally reckless. I’d like to take at least part of my gap year and travel Europe for a few months. No reservations, no plan, just going wherever the wind takes me. But I’m way too paranoid to do something that crazy and I’ll be busy that year anyway.

250. What happens after we die?

Nothing, our consciousness is only a quirk of our biology and heaven and hell human constructs to give our lives purpose. Once our body fails us and our brain function fails, that known as the ‘soul’ dies with it. The person is dead and now just rotting meat and anything they were became nothing when their neurons stopped firing. I accept this and dare myself to live a good enough life to prove that despite everything my life is worth something to myself if only.

This I don’t get they say im being lazy and like I help and I do and some night I don’t sleep finly got to sleep ok was in a good sleep dad start yelling at me to get up says I need to help more im like with what and he said shovling like dad I didn’t get anysleep nope don’t care ur doing but ok let me finsh U are saying I am getting use to it when I’m not I looked for 2 jobs yesterday and am doing my best why must U yell and I find out I might have seal derpessen to add to all this shot and my friend want to be mad at me Cuse I don’t feel good so I didn’t want to hang out today like I don’t need all this shit jusy want to be with my babe and be happy is thag so hard to ask for

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  • <b></b> So, I finally came out to my sister and told her that if I had to, I would get an abortion. I tried to stop myself.... I just sat there and thought, don't do it. You don't need to do this to yourself. Don't be stupid. Don't tell her. And I looked at her and said it. We were in the middle of a card game.... And I just said it. I felt like I needed to. Like she needed to know where I stood on the subject and i had to get it off my chest. I live in a small town where EVERY GIRL I have ever known have gotten pregnant as a teenager. Including my sister. And I'm so terrifed that if I do get pregnant, I'll be stuck here and my life will go nowhere. Which is why I would not have the baby. Maybe when I'm older and ready, yes I would. But.... Not now, not like this... So now.... She knows. She got up and left. She came back and screamed at me like she always does. And I hate myself for it.... But I only hate telling her. Not that I feel this way. So yes, I suppose I am officially pro life now. Any woman, including myself, should have the right to live her life the way SHE wants to live it. And I want to finish college and make a name for myself. Yes, I use protection. And yes, I believe I'm not going to bring a life into the world if I don't want it and its that simple. There my be other people in the world that can't have kids that want them, but because I get pregnant, does not mean I have to complete that pregnancy just because others don't have kids. Its my decision and I'll do with it as I please. And that DOES NOT make me a coward or a bad person.<p/>