Depressing Finland is now Happy Finland!

Due to excessive amount of pressure from authorities, from this day, Depressing Finland will be known as Happy Finland!

According to the agencies, Depressing Finland as a name will send negative thoughts about Finland and therefore it has to change as well as the contents in this blog.

The new Happy Finland blog will be presenting Finnish things and phenomenons that are nothing but happy. Happy Finland will avoid posting jokes, photos or anything else that describe Finland or being Finnish in any other but a happy and extremely true and tourism-friendly way.

Here are some examples of Happy Finland:
Happy sunset and a Happy reindeer:

When you have enjoyed enough the new Happy Finland blog, you can treat yourself with a Finnish culinary speciality: Herring and mud water, because that’s what Finns do on April’s first.

Aprillia, syö silliä, juo kuravettä päälle!

Ayer estuvimos de juerga en el concierto de Finntroll, y muy amable y furciamente Vreth accedió a posar en exclusiva para nosotras y vosotras, junto al finlandés Jules Näveri (vocalista de Profane Omen) :3 

Perdimos varios ovarios haciendo la foto pero creemos que os la merecéis :P

Para los que estuvisteis en el concierto de Barcelona: si alguien grabó el vídeo de la petición de mano en la que nombraron a nuestra página, por favor, enviádnoslo que nos hace mucha ilusión verlo <3

Name: Siiri
Age: 27
Country: Finland
Gender: female
Languages: Finnish, English, Japanese, broken Swedish
Interests/Hobbies: cloudgazing, pointless wandering, making plans I never put into motion, animals, books, games, drunken dancing, sounds, languages, tv shows, film, translation, poetry, getting obsessed and staying obsessed.

Personal message: Hi I’m Siiri, not sponsored by the app. I’m from Finland, though I’ve also spent a couple of years in Japan and have a boyfriend there. So currently I’m in that scary point in my life where I have to finish grad school (I’m doing a degree in Japanese Studies), and decide whether I want a life with my boyfriend or a life in my country because I cannot have them both. I have a tendency toward restlessness and sentimentality. My favourite fanfic is Sacrifices Arc, and my favourite smell is the smell of dusty concrete and stone.

Contact info (email or Tumblr):

About the penpal/s I’m looking for-
Countries: any
Gender: any
Age group: any
Languages: English (though Finnish & Japanese are also fine)
Email, snail mail or both: preferably snailmail
Anything else: I’ll stick to letters for I don’t have a single crafty bone in my body.

please help me!

i don’t know why, but google has somehow changed my default country to germany. i’m not able to change it back to finland - my sister and i have tried everything. the problem is with both chrome and mozilla. do you know how to help me? please reply to this post or message me if you know what to do! more info under the cut

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