finishing each others sentences

Day 1. Unbearable Pain

The Best I Ever Had - Gary Allan

White Horse - Taylor Swift

I never really was the one to have a diary or journal. But I felt today was the day to start. So today is day one of when you left me, the pain is so unbearable I can’t catch all the tears that has slipped from my eyes. I loved you, I love you still even with the pain. Some people wouldn’t understand that you were the one. You were the person who fixed my broken heart, the one who I talked to for hours on in, the person I trusted with everything; all my secrets, my desires, my life. The person I wanted to be with for the rest of my life. And now it’s over. I’m still trying too wrap my head around it because I thought we were good together; we were the people who finished each others sentences, the ones who knew what was on each others minds. But I never would have guessed you leaving me was on your mind for awhile. Even after saying you loved me, and telling me that everything is fine: because of right now everything is not fine. I’m shattered, I’m just broken; and I’m broken because of you. I knew this day would have came sooner or later but just not this soon. Two years you have been my rock but know who is going to pick me up when you are no longer going to be here? You were the one who made me feel more than I thought I could possibly can. You were my very best friend. I don’t regret anything; our time together. the way you made me smile. Even after being shattered, my heart is still yours. You made me into what I was meant to be.

Timing is Everything...

Timing is Everything…

You know the story, as it’s been written about in a lifetime of stories for centuries and it always starts with….Boy meets girl.

Boy makes girl smile, he makes her laugh and tells her she is pretty, smart, engaging and then, there is the chemistry. I haven’t even gotten to the similarities yet…finishing each other’s thoughts and sentences. Ahh…the beginning of a new relationship is…

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I really hope that Frozen Fever shows even just a little of what OUAT severely underrated: Kristoff and Anna being a couple. Yes, the short is only 7 minutes, but I want to see even just hints of them being comfortable and happy with each other. Joking together, laughing together, finishing each other’s sentences (or sandwiches). To have all that awkwardness be gone and have them just loving being together. 

My brother and I have completely opposite personalities and values but tbh people still ask us if we’re twins sometimes, we literally finish each others sentences when we hang out and we usually talk for hours at a time whenever when we see each other. 


Gen 3

Disa + Bill —> Iri & Isole

  • accidental pregnancy (Disa and Bill decide  to have sex and they’re both just a little too caught up in the moment and they just forget that Disa still can get pregnant even though she’s kind of like him now)
  • born in demon form, fitted together then separate into two
  • float-y babies
  • ying and yang, finish each other’s sentences/speak in unison type, with powers that work together
  • inseparable
  • similar builds, slim and almost unnaturally long limbed
  • activate their powers/omnipotence by closing their red eyes so the gold ones form a pair
  • Disa is their queen when they play pretend
  • very similar clothes, though maybe hers are more feminine? And maybe with colors switched, like if her shirt were white with black sleeves his would be black with white sleeves, etc
  • Iri –
    • ‘fire light’
    • blonde boy
    • right eye yellow-gold and slitted, left eye red and human
    • snapback
  • Isole –
    • ‘rule of ice’
    • dark-haired girl
    • left eye yellow-gold and slitted, right eye red and human
    • bowler hat

Lark + Kasey —> Indigo

  • genderfluid, born male
  • mage
  • can change colors as a specialty, like their hair etc by touch 

Seb + Mike —> Emma

Kiera + Thor —> Valerie

  • female/demigirl
  • Kiera’s light brown skin, caramel eyes, dark brown hair
  • Kiera’s cute chubby body type
  • Thor’s confidence and enthusiasm
  • very physically strong?
  • telekinesis

Reyna + Adelaide —> Charlotte

  • regal like Reyna
  • tall
  • Adelaide’s hair and skin color
  • Cyrus and Chuck match in that they are negotiators but are opposite in everything else, even tiny things like taste in food
  • tomboy
  • diplomatic but a more fierce negotiator than Cyrus‏
  • gets into playful arguments with Cyrus, is determined to be the opposite of him
  • bonds with Keene over comic books‏

Silas + Mercy —> [name]

  • boy
  • animal shifter, hedgehog? Possum?

Rosie + Roxy —> quadruplets

  • Demetria/Tree
    • biologically female
    • agender
    • Roxy’s blonde hair
    • Rosie’s brown eyes
    • 5’4
    • freckles on their cheeks
    • bubbly like Rosie
    • very loving and devoted
    • asexual
    • loves Christmas and cookies
    • controls the element earth
  • Kaelin
    • ‘waterfall/pool’
    • boy
    • Rosie’s dark hair
    • Roxy’s blue eyes
    • 5’6
    • tanned skin
    • shy and not very talkative
    • controls the element water
  • Gale
    • boy
    • controls the element air
    • inventor, always trying to learn how to use their gift to fly
    • reckless, breaks bones a lot
  • Ember
    • girl
    • controls the element fire
    • melts metals and glass to create things and draws in charcoal

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This is fucking berserk. Unbelievable. My heart can't deal with all of this. What was your favorite part out of ALL parts of the interview? Mine was the beginning when Darren talked about their first concert (and I believe he forgot to mention the dinner date as well) ;););););)

Um…can I cheat and say ALL OF IT?  I could literally watch the two of them flirt and laugh and finish each other’s sentences all damn day.  They could talk about absolutely nothing and I’d be endlessly entertained.

Honestly though, I didn’t even need Chris and Darren to confirm that they’re friends.

The first two videos were proof enough to me. Their natural chemistry, finishing each other’s sentences, and laughing at each other’s comments was just lovely.

Chris and Darren bts interview (◡‿◡✿)
Chris and Darren finishing each others sentences (◡‿◡✿)
Chris and Darren talking about klaine (◡‿◡✿)
Chris and Darren making each other laugh (◡‿◡✿)

IM 100% HERE FOR THIS (◕‿◕✿)

Audio- 10 key acting Questions-My character Tweedle dee.

1.Who am I?

I am one of the few humancharacters in Alice in wonderland. I am a fictional character.  I am a twin as my other half Twiddle dum who I always stick with. I am suppost to look like over grown little fat school boy. We sing rhymes and think we are poets.  Tweedledum and Tweedledee want to play numerous games. We like telling stories and not interested in other people we like to hear our selves talk. The twiddles never contradict each other even when one of them, according to the rhyme, “agrees to have a battle” rather, they complement each other’s words, but say they are going to have a battle but then would never actually do it. In the film they have a slight Irish accent and are very obnoxious to Alice.

The two appear identical in every way. They finish each other’s sentences and make very odd movements with their bodies-such as jumping extremely high in the air and wobbling their legs, they also make honking noises when they are touched or when they move. They seem as if they have a devious motive because they smile menacingly to each other a few times throughout the course of the scene they appear in. Tweedledum and Tweedledee are the court jesters and servants for the Red Queen, but are secretly part of the resistance that supports the White Queen.

2. Where am I?

Scene- The tweedles are the first animation characters Alice approaches in Wonderland, she had just come from her home into this supernatural world. The tweedles arrive on page 6 of 35 and depart on page 9 of 35. The tweedles are in Alice’s wonderland which is very colorfull and bright and happy place. They are stood outside near the entrance where the ‘doorknob’ is from when alice enters. There are stood right in front of alice’s way- which they want to get in her face and are excited that someone knew is in wonderland, which there dieing to tell her their stories. They are stood on a brick road with bright green grass around them..

3. When is it?

It is late afternoon, around 3 oclock, I think the tweedles are on the way home from seeing the madhatter and other friends as they went to a tea party. There not in a hurry and are happy to stand and chat when they meet Alice.

4. Where have I just come from?

They have just come from having tea with the Mad Hatter, and telling stories and playing games, its one of there days off because there job is to paint the queen of hears flowers red in her massive harden- which goes on for agers.

5. What do I want?

I want to show off, and I want to get Alice to listen to my stories. We want a captive audience for our songs and stories, and want them to be interested in us and our life and what we do, we don’t care about anybody else, we like to gossip.

6. Why do I want it?

Because I’m self-centred and love my life just with my twin and don’t think about anybody else. We both love just telling stories and so we need an audience to listen to us.

7. Why do I want it now?

Because were not busy, Alice is new to the place and so that is exciting and she hasn’t heard our stories before as others in wonder land has probably have many of times and probably got bored and walked off.

8. What will happen if I don’t get it now?

I will get upset, not for long as we are happy characters and we will then go and tell the stories to the other characters in wonderland who will probably get bored. We will then go back to the queen of hearts and help paint the flowers red.

9. How will I get what I want by doing what?

We could not listen to Alice by carrying on talking over her, interrupting her when she tries to say she has to go. We could do this by talking louder than her so that you only hear our voices not hers. We can also stand in front of her and get in her face to stop her from leaving.

10. What must I overcome?

I must overcome Alice’s impatience and desire to leave and not want to listen to our stories.