finishing each others sentences


It was like we were finishing each other’s sentences and we were interrupting each other and overlapping as if we’d done it for 10 years already. And as we have done the show, I don’t think I’ve ever loved another woman in this way. I think I have more chemistry with Sherri Saum than I’ve had with any other male counterpart in 28 years.” - Teri Polo

“let’s get friendship tattoos bro. I’ll get the ship and you get the compass cuz you always guide me home.”
“Brooo sick.”
“I’ll even get two birds and make one look like you to symbolise our everlasting brohood.”

“I’ll get the words and you get the quotes because we finish each other’s sentences.”

“I’ll get the heart and you get the arrow.”
“Why bro?”
“Cuz I love you bro.”
“Aww bro I love you too.”
“Wanna get married bro? To commemorate our palship?”
“Bruh. You had me at oops.”

Naruto and Sasuke are totally that couple that have a secret language. It consists of looks they give each other, subtle touches here and there, reading each other’s long extended silences and finishing each other’s sentences. Nobody can understand them but it’s okay. So long as they understand each other, it’s all that matters.

Something I want in S4:

Felicity knowing about Oliver’s past. Like they spent five months learning about one another and now they don’t have any secrets. Like something comes up about Oliver being in the Bratva and everyone else is like “when were you planning on telling us?” And Felicity just already knows.

And when her dad pops up, Oliver recognizes him. Cause they spent time in Vegas and Felicity showed him a picture of her and her father - the only picture she has of him.

And like Olicity finishing each other’s sentences. Not in a cutesy lovesick way but just naturally. Like Felicity trails off in the middle of an explanation cause she’s doing something on the computer so Oliver finishes explaining. Or Oliver is trying to tell a story from his past and can’t finish so Felicity steps in and does it for him.

Like at some point early on in the Season I want them out of the lovedovey honeymoon stage and settle into full on power couple. Just full on settled and happy in a committed relationship so that when shit hits the fan - as it will - they’re standing strong together. Where they cover each whether their facing an enemy or a friend.

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you and your girl seem complete opposite.. why even date her?

Lmao why do you say that? We both love soccer and lots of other sports, we’re both nerds, we love the outdoors, we love going camping and hiking together, we workout together, we go surfing, we love the same kinds of movies and tv shows, we’re both obsessed with the same kinds of foods, we both love cooking…which we do together a lot…, we love being out on the water whether we’re just tanning or paddle boarding on the lake, we love adventures and spontaneity, our futures and goals line up perfectly, etc… I could go on and on. We even finish each other’s sentences sometimes lol, you might want to be a little more observant if you think Nicole and I are opposites

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niall and harry yesterday acted like one of those disgusting couples that finished each others sentence but also make fun of each other in a healthy and 'im so in love with this crazy head' way and at the end of the day are the most solid couple of the group. just shove a rocket up my ass. narry is real.

just wait til i post my next set :/

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patrick and pete have that creepy telepathy thing that married couples get when they're been together long enough. they don't finish each other's sentences, but that's only because they don't have to. they'll just know. they try to tone it down in front of new people, but in front of their friends (especially andy and joe), they're more or less communicating in a language of their own - jealousy anon

aw omh my god


Sou’s siblings

Suo and Masashi are the same age, 26-ish probably

Suu has a crush on masa-nii since forever but it’s also forever a one-sided love

Suu doesn’t like Suo-nii because Masa-nii always only plays with Suo-nii

Sei and Sai always finish each other’s sentence or talk together, they’re one person divided into two vessels because apparently one vessel wasn’t enough to hold the power

Suo loves Sou but he thinks of Sou as a rival bc their father wanted to give his inheritance to Sou

  • Me:*contented sigh*
  • My coworker:I should set up a coin jar. For every thought of David or Billie, you'd pay a penny. Just for fun, to see how quickly it'd fill up.
  • Me:It wouldn't be fun for me, I'd be penniless.

i need more rosemary meteor fanfic…….i need it….. i need to read about them finally meeting in person and learning how each other speak and their mannerisms and secretly trying to accommodate them to each other…them both slowly becoming comfortable around each other and spending a lot more time together…them reading books together about quadrants and kanaya teaching rose alternian terms and rose being so fascinated by them and kanaya feeling so flattered that she cares so much…..them starting to room together and fall asleep wrapped up around each other and rarely ever leave each others sides….them knowing each other so much by the end of those three years to where they can read each other like books and finish each others sentences…….. this is what i need in life…