((Can someone do me a favor please? I need someone to go on to my portal and tell me if my music bar is playing. Its being finiky on my end and I an wondering if it is just my connection.

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─ whoa, isn’t that Caitlin Denver? i heard her parents are famous Actor and Singer. the magazines always label her as the innocent one, which isn’t completely wrong, seeing as she’s shy & finiky, but i’ve also heard she can be Sweet & fair-minded as well. just make sure to avoid telling them they look exactly like Bethany Mota, or they might just throw a fit.

accepted, babe! bethany mota is now caitlin denver. please make sure to send in your twitter account within six hours, or your role will be reopened. can’t wait to roleplay with you!!

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(LOGAN PUCKERMAN) is a (ELEVEN) year old (IN SCHOOL) and they’ve been known to keep secrets, their biggest secret is (SHE HAS EXTREME ANXIETY FROM BEING BULLIED). You should watch out though, they aren’t all they appear to be they can be (SHY, FINIKY) as well as (FUN AND SWEET). They get confused for (CHLOE LUKASIAK, KENDALL VERTES ) all the time, it’s kind of awkward. (Eliana, 15, EST)

Unfortunately, darling, as stated in our guidelines page right here, I am afraid we cannot accept your application. Mainly because all our characters must be over the age of 16 but also because we do not feel comfortable roleplaying with dancers FCs. Sorry.