anonymous said:

'Lo! I was wondering if maybe you could write one where Near is playing with puppet renditions of the reader and himself and they walk in and both of them are super embarrassed and it gets all fluffy and cute? Ending in confessions or cuddles maybe?

Sure thing~

You were about to walk into the room when you heard Near’s voice drifting through the door, and the things he was saying we’re very strange.
“I-I really like you— No, I love you.”
“Oh, Near, I love you too!”
Except it was his voice saying this part also, except in a very sugary, fake voice, which you found even stranger.
You pushed the door open and saw Near with two little puppets on his fingers, one of him and one of you.
You stood frozen in the doorway as he looked up, the finger puppets frozen in mid-kiss, and he quickly his them behind his back.
An awkward silence rang between you as you stated at each other, before you startled laughing. “We’re you just practicing a confession with finger puppets?”
He turned a bright red and scrambled to stand up, the puppets lying forgotten on the floor. “No, of course not.”
Your laughter subsided when he seemed to be getting a little too flustered and you stepped forward.
“It sounded to me like it was,” you said, linking your fingers with his. “It’s cute, and just so you know, I love you too, Near.”
He appeared to be stunned by your words, and you gave another soft giggle before planting a kiss on his cheek. He lifted his fingers to the place your lips just were, his eyes wide.
“And just for the record, I do not sound like that.”




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