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Bluefish go by many different names including tailor, snapper, baby blues, choppers, and elfs. Their scientific name is pomatomus saltatrix.

Bluefish are a trophy species, that are pursued by anglers because of their reputation as a champion battler and voracious predator. When a Bluefish is hooked, they are known to put up a fight more impressive than some larger species. They are native to both the American and European coasts of the Atlantic Ocean. Along the US coast, Bluefish are highly abundant. In the mid-Atlantic, Bluefish scored a 4 out of 4 in the 2013 Summer Fish Stock Sustainability Index (FSSI), which is a perfect rating and indicates that there is no overfishing. Bluefish have a a mouthful of sharp pointed teeth and tend to eat a variety of small-bodied animals such as copepods, shrimp, small lobsters and crabs, larval fish and larval mollusks. Adult Bluefish are opportunistic feeders, going after schooling species such as menhaden, squid, sand eels, herring, mackerel, and alewives, as well as scup, butterfish, and cunner.

Bluefish are rich and oily, with moist and delicate flesh. They are also high in heart-healthy “good fats.” While they have a more assertive flavor than other fish, when prepared their meat can have a mild, flaky taste.

Despite what their name might elude to, Bluefish are most commonly a sea-green color on top, fading to a silvery shade on their lower sides and belly. Bluefish rarely exceed 20 lbs. and 40 inches in length, and they generally run between 10-15 pounds. The are moderately proportioned fish, and have a broad, forked tail.

Bluefish don’t hold up well when frozen or canned, and the Bluefish coming off the boats of the fishermen that work with Village Fishmonger are the freshest available. Village Fishmonger recommends storing your fish on ice and refrigerating it for the best results. By keeping fish at the coldest temperature possible without freezing, you can help extend its usable life, keeping it firmer and fresher tasting for longer.

Though they are a respected gamefish, most people tend to overlook Bluefish as table fare due to their “fishy” reputation. These fish have strong digestive enzymes that can lead to quick spoilage, so it’s recommended to put them on ice soon after catching. As with most fish, Bluefish are best when fresh and when properly prepared they are delicious.
Olive Oil Poached Bluefish Crostini [Katie O’Donnell of Frankies 570 Spuntino]
Broiled Bluefish with Citrus Dressing [Village Fishmonger]
Bluefish Tacos [Hungry Native]
Smoked Bluefish Rillettes [Six Course Dinner]

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Seafood Handbook

Seafood Handbook
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Széleskörű médiavisszhangot váltott ki, hogy a hírek szerint a Nemzetbiztonsági Szakszolgálat is használja a FinFisher kormányzati kémprogramot. Pedig ez nem lehet meglepetés, sőt, a nemzetbiztonsági szolgálatok informatikai eszközöket érintő titkos információgyűjtésével kapcsolatban már 2009-ben született adatvédelmi biztosi ajánlás Magyarországon.

Wikileaks: SG company bought “weaponised” surveillance malware from German firm

According to a Wikileaks media release dated 15th September, a Singapore company called PCS Security, has purchased a “weaponised German surveillance malware” from a cyber intrusion firm FinFisher.

The malware reportedly is capable of intercepting communication from various computers using Windows, OS X and Linux as well as being able to get communication data from mobile devices running Android, iOS, BlackBerry Windows and Symbian.

The software allegedly does this by exploiting remote monitoring systems. With this access, the software can record online browsing habits, record usernames, passwords, bank details, and any activity conducted by the infected computer.

PCS Security Pte Ltd was started in 1998 in Singapore and it specializes in delivering quality systems for homeland security and Infocomm security.

It explained on its website that they serve the government, trade and commercial sectors.

With the recent call from the government that they would be stepping up their cyber security, it is unknown whether PCS security is providing similar software to the government.

If this is the case, it means the Singapore government has the surveillance software capabilities to constantly monitor the computer use of anyone they want. For those whose devices are infected, the will have no way to get around it but to buy a new computer. Even then, their device may just get remotely infected again.




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According to Wikileaks documents, PCS security spent over S$5.1 million on the licenses for the malware from FinFisher, which would allow it to infect and monitor over 500 computers at once.

Wikileaks, explained that FinFisher has been involved in a slew of privacy breaches for many years and it’s parent  company, Gamma group, provides surveillance and monitoring  software to intelligence agencies at various State and National levels.

Gamma has offices all around the world and it specializes in the sale of such intrusion and surveillance softwares exclusively to governments and law enforcement agencies.

FinFisher is regarded to be the owners of one of the most sophisticated intrusion malware systems in the world which can remotely infect computers and send back information to the creators of the malware.

There is currently no safe way to circumvent the malware or safely remove it from infected devices.


Bereits gestern wurde auf Twitter angekündigt, dass WikiLeaks weitere relevante Dokumente im Rahmen der gegenseitigen globalen Überwachung veröffentlicht. Die Bundesregierung soll weltweit unter anderem auch an vermeintliche Diktaturen Software verkauft haben, die es möglich machen, die mündigen und kritischen Bürger ausfindig zu machen und möglicherweise kaltzustellen. Konkret geht es um die Spionagesoftware FinFisher von der deutsch-britischen Firma Gamma International GmbH, die ihren Sitz in München hat und zur Gamma Group gehört.

Die Enthüllungsplattform The Intercept vermutet hingegen eine gezielte Kampagne gegen Deutschland. Eine Analyse des Sachverhaltes von einer Vielzahl dezentralisierter und unabhängiger Stellen muss schnell her. Welche Möglichkeiten es gibt und der Stand der Quellen. Weiterlesen! 2014-09-15 06-02-29 (2)

Das ist ein Ausschnitt auf der offiziellen Seite von WikiLeaks auf die man hier gelangen tut.

Der Twitter Account von WikiLeaks läuft auf Hochtouren. Zahlreiche Dokumente mit kurzer Einleitung auf Englisch werden durch den Twitter Kanal gejagt. Eine umfassende Analyse der SpyFiles steht allerdings noch aus.

WikiLeaks names NSW Police as FinFisher malware customer

The NSW Police and Singapore’s PCS Security Pte Ltd have been named as buyers of FinFischer malware, along with the intelligence arms of the Hungarian, Italian, and Bosnian governments.

AUSTRALIA: Big Increase Planned for Aquaculture off Western Australia
See on - Aquaculture and Fisheries - World Briefing

The State Government has paved the way for a huge increase in fish production on Western Australia’s northern coast by declaring a development zone for large-scale fish farms.

Fisheries Minister Ken Baston said the new zone, covering almost 2,000 hectares near Broome, would support production of up to 20,000 tonnes of fish per year - up from the current tonnage of 7,000 tonnes.

At Cone Bay to declare the Kimberley Aquaculture Development Zone open, Mr Baston said an existing barramundi farm could soon be joined by other commercial developments.

Comprehensive studies confirm the zone’s capacity to support the annual production of up to 20,000 tonnes of finfish without significant environmental impact.

“By starting a fish farm in a declared zone, operators do not need to spend years and hundreds of thousands of dollars on environmental approvals and consultation, because these approvals have already been done by the State Government,” the Minister said.

At a special signing ceremony, Mr Baston said such zones would provide an economic boost for WA, with ‘investment ready’ locations and more jobs on offer sooner.

Fulfilling an election promise, the State Government has invested A$1.85 million into developing the zone at Cone Bay and a second off the Mid-West coast.

The strategic approach allows consideration of cumulative environmental impacts, which may not be apparent with case-by-case assessments. Extensive studies and modelling have assessed the potential effects of large-scale aquaculture.

22 August 2014

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Jóri András: Az internetes házkutatásokról a FinFisher-ügy apropóján

Széleskörű médiavisszhangot váltott ki, hogy a hírek szerint a Nemzetbiztonsági Szakszolgálat is használja a FinFisher kormányzati kémprogramot. Pedig ez nem lehet meglepetés, sőt, a nemzetbiztonsági szolgálatok informatikai eszközöket érintő titkos információgyűjtésével kapcsolatban már 2009-ben született adatvédelmi biztosi ajánlás Magyarországon. A … Folytatás


Der Staatstrojaner “made in Germany” Gamma FinFisher wurde ohne Lizenz aus Deutschland exportiert. Das geht aus Analysen der kürzlichen geleakten Dokumente und einer parlamentarischen Anfrage hervor. Deutsche Unternehmen verdienen Millionen damit, Überwachungstechnologien an Menschenrechtsverletzer auf der ganzen Welt zu exportieren. Dies ist ein Gastbeitrag von Ben Wagner und Claudio Guarn …