Finest Ego Monthly Mix #004 : Ta-Ku “Song Cry”
  • Finest Ego Monthly Mix #004 : Ta-Ku “Song Cry”

Finest Ego Monthly Mix #004 : Ta-Ku “Song Cry”

01. Mndsgn ft. KnXledge & Suzi Analogue – Bananacase
02. Waajeed – Tetris
03. Teebs – Why Like This?
04. Full Crate & Mar – She Was Fly
05. Kan Sano – Dream In
06. RLP – LLL
07. KnXledge – Kanaloap(Layte)
08. Klipmode – Actriz
09. King Knut – Stavanger
10. Häzel – Twilight
11. M-Phazes – Piano Track
12. M-Phazes – Untitled
13. Tony Ozier – Back To The Mitten
14. 14KT – The Meaning
15. Swiff D – Gone B Alright
16. M-Phazes – Swaggeriffic
17. J-Dilla – Don’t Cry
18. J-Dilla – One Eleven

Finest Ego | Monthly Mix #022 – January 2013: Freddie Joachim “Patterns Vol. 3″


For our first guestmix of 2013 we are very happy to present “Patterns Vol.3” the third part to Freddie Joachim‘s widely acclaimed mix-series (get Part 1 here and Part 2 here!) spanning many variations of jazz-immersed sample based HipHop and more.

Snatch the download above, sneak up his Soundcloud and make sure grab a copy of his latest album Fiberglass Kisses via Mellow Orange Music!


01. Diamond District – First Time
02. 14KT – Pick Up Sticks
03. Samiyam – Lifesized Stuffed Animal
04. Tall Black Guy – Al Green’s Dream
05. J Dilla – Untitled
06. J Dilla – Untitled
07. The Roots – Hall & Oats
08. Harrison – Real To Real
09. Roddy Rod – Living Conditions
10. Mabanua – Trap
11. Slum Village – Fall In Love (Chief Remix)
12. Suff Daddy – Dexter Wansel Interlude
13. Hir-O – Commonwealth
14. Hazel – Stevie
15. Tall Black Guy – Rain Into The Nite
16. Hazel – The V
17. J Dilla – Brazillian Groove
18. Karriem Riggins – Moogy Foog It
19. Elaquent – In This Style 10/6 feat. Evil Needle
20. Kaimbr – Shotgun
21. The Away Team – Who’s That
22. Gang Starr – The Militia (Pete Rock Remix)
23. Quasimoto – Low Class Conspiracy
24. Diverse – Ain’t Right
25. Afta-1 – Mysterious Vibes
26. Freddie Joachim – As We Stand Here Together
27. DJ Jazzy Jeff – My Soul Ain’t For Sale
28. Evidence – You
29. Freddie Joachim – That’s What’s Up
30. Illa J – Illasoul
31. InI – Fakin’ Jax
32. Oddisee – Gonna Be
33. 14KT – RockABye Baby

- via Finest Ego

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Finest Ego | German / Austrian / Swiss Compilation

Hubert Daviz - Joi

Hubert Daviz ist ein in Rumänien geborener Beatbastler aus Köln. Der Track Joi ist Teil seines letzten “mini-albums” Proceduri De Rutina. Das ganze Album findet ihr auf seiner Bandcamp Seite. Viel Spaß beim reinhören!

"Proceduri De Rutina" is a mini-album soley made of Romanian jazz records. The project started as a just-for-fun-beattape.
Limited vinyl pressing. 500 copies. No CD. Artwork and photos by Robert Winter.

  • Listen

Robot Koch - Follow Birds


Really feeling this album lately. Finest Ego Records and [a personal favorite] Project: Mooncircle Records collaborated on a hefty 33 track compilation, making this the fifth release in this series. To be honest, there’s more artist I don’t recognize on the compilation but it doesn’t matter considering how consistant the song quality is. Tons of diversity and easily some of the best beats to date. Pick this up.

The influences vary from Jazz records, video games, Hip Hop, Drum ‘n’ Bass and Techno. But are there two different camps clashing here? Retro vs future, mountain village vs urban center, winter vs summer…”-Project: Mooncircle

Preview & Purchase at Bandcamp

Like them on Facebook: Project // Finest

Project Mooncircle  // Finest Ego

[BEAT] *** Finest Ego Presents : German/Austrian/Swiss Beatmakers Compilation *** [MUSIC]

Amazing compilation from Finest Ego and available on Project Mooncircle bandcamp page. ” Finest Ego Presents : German/Austrian/Swiss Beatmakers Compilation ” is a great highlighting about beatmaking in these countries. Including some beatmakers/producers like Chief, Brenk, Dexter, Mono:Massive, Hulk Hodn, Captain Crook, Stroe, Hubert Daviz, Comfort Fit, Robot Koch, Jazzo & Melodiesinfonie, Quendolin Fender, Ju-Ar, Twit One, Suff Daddy, Figub Brazlevic, Szenario, Portformat, Flowtec, D-Fekt & Mr. Beef, Bit-Tuner, Feux, Kalifornia Kurt, B-Ju, Playpad Circus, Flex Fab, Ill-Luzion, Anthony Drawn, Hazeem, Minor Sick, XL The Red One, Glenn Astro, Frederic Robinson, and Willy Sunshine.

DOPE. Available for free.


Project: Mooncircle, Sina.


Hulk Hodn - Nicht Mehr Als 6 Euro

German beatmaker, Hulk Hodn drops a tastyy instrumental that I copped off of ‘Finest Ego’ - a german, austrian, and swiss beat compilation. There’s a lot more on the comp like this one so pick it up if you’re feelin’ the vibe.

*Download is only available til the 6th I think


Malte - A Brumal Tale

Here’s a mix by Finest Ego’s producer and writer, Malte. Recorded for WildstyleMag podcast series. It’s a lovely blend of hot music! have a listen.

official description :

This is the soundtrack of an old, eastern European animated winter’s tale. Unfortunately, all the original film rolls have been lost during a heavy winter storm and no copies could be found to date. Therefore, all we have left is this sonic document and the listener is left to imagine their own fairy tale while listening. 

Dies ist der Soundtrack eines alten, animierten osteuropäischen Wintermärchens. Unglücklicherweise sind die original Filmrollen während eines schweren Wintersturmes verloren gegangen und bis heute konnte keine Kopie gefunden werden. Aus diesem Grund gibt es nur noch dieses akustische Dokument und es bleibt dem Zuhörer überlassen, sich während des Hörens sein eigenes Wintermärchen vorzustellen. 

100% Vinyl, Artwork by Anila. 

A Brumal Tale by Malte

Finest Ego Radio with guest Koreless 

You know I rep Finest Ego all day. Well their recent radio show with special guest Koreless, is one of the many reasons why.

Check the 60 minute stream with exclusive and unreleased tracks, hosted by Jinna Morocha and Malte Tarnow. It’s really fantastic, plus you get to hear an exclusive interview with Koreless. Super dope.

Finest Ego | Radio with Koreless on BLN.FM

01. Intro “Finest Ego” (Produced by Robot Koch)
02. Cube Face – Called You [Cadence Collective]
03. Zelda Henriette Marshall – Replay (Kyson Remix)
04. Raycord – Music Box [Forthcoming, Phonosaurus]
05. Moscow – Belltone [Donky Pitch]
06. Cassie – Me & U (VILLΛGE Bootleg Remix)
07. Koreless – Lost In Tokyo (Jacques Greene Remix) [Vase]
Koreless Interview
08. Koreless – 4D [Pictures Music]
09. Koreless – Lost In Tokyo [Vase]
10. Koreless – MTI [Pictures Music]
Koreless Interview End
11. Deft – The Count (Bounce) [Rwina]
12. Om Unit – Dark Sunrise (ft. Tamara Blessa) [Civil Music]
13. Robot Koch x Rain Dog – Never Will [Forthcoming, Project: Mooncircle]
14. Kidsuke – Untitled [Forthcoming, Project: Mooncircle]
15. Cream Child – With The Wind [Ritmo Sportivo]
16. Maribou State – This Goes Under [Fat!]
17. John Roberts – Paper Frame [Dial]
18. Darling Farah – Body [Civil Music]


The 2nd documentation is about the live shows / interviews at the Finest Ego | Weekend with acts like Teebs (Brainfeeder), fLako (Project: Mooncircle), Blue Daisy (Black Acre), Comfort Fit (Project: Mooncircle) and Jeremiah Jae (Warp / Brainfeeder) and Robot Koch (Project: Mooncircle).

Freshly restarting our Monthly Mix series in the new year, we asked for a contribution. In fact, the beatmaker and photographer gave us a mix that is exactly on the pulse of what non-mainstream, non-commercial underground hiphop means in the year 2015.

Repeat Pattern recently released “Counting Backwards” on Moph Records.


01. Ssaliva – Savaan // Emachi – Stop Smoking Song
02. beatboxbandit – milllyun
03. Rkwhy – 9thwonder
04. 18 Carrot Affair – Pretty Girls I don’t Know Anymore
05. Matatabee x Sabata – Untitled
06. Cram – Congenial Spirits
07. Cauzndefx – King
08. CY – Coffeegirl
09. Ssaliva – Black Soul
10. WaltSickenin – SP-12 Gauge (Ill-Sugi SP404 Remix)
11. YBBGO – Realness
12. NA$TY – 1up
13. Cupp Cave – Herrmutt
14. Swarvy – Think
15. Jarobi White – They Dance For Me
16. Sleepy Eyes – Ave Of The Stars
17. Beatmachinearon – Lalalalala Laaa
18. Dem Hunger – Mosque Vibrations
19. Dj Harrison – Portrait Of Black Jesus
20. Yuk – Adept-ation For Dev
21. Greyhat – Pickupsticks
22. Dj Harrison – Dunhill Interlude
23. Selfish – Roni
24. Tropes – Slip Even (with RP layers)
25. Huerco S. – Untitled

Cover by Repeat Pattern

Finest Ego Monthly Mix: Empt

This mix is super fly. Y’all know I rep the Finest Ego family, and not just because they let me tag up their site every now and again. They have their finger on the pulse of the emerging beatmaker scene and have put out a lot of the releases I end up talking about on GITNB. Empt is just one of those cats. He couldn’t have picked a classier mix of songs for this mix. I just keep pressing play. 


01. Empt – One
02. Feadz & Kito – Wettex (Cashmere Cat Remix)
03. Four Tet – Lion (Jamie XX Remix)
04. Airhead – Black Ink
05. Indigo – Neveah
06. Empt – Jitters (Bambooman Remix)
07. Angel Haze – Werkin’ Girls
08. Happa – Beat of the Drum (Throwing Snow Remix)
09. Deft – The Count (Bounce)
10. Ben Frost – The Carpathians
11. Kidkanevil – Land Of Plenty/Bokusha 2

Empt is 20 year-old Bogdan Gridan, who released his EP Unfold on Finest Ego/Project Mooncircle earlier this year. Go get it.