Jeremy’s Crushes:

viciouskatherine asked:

[Text]: If you had dumped her, she'd be avoiding you. Not moving into the same town. And you make your brother do the dirty work. As obvious as it can be. No, I didn't attack her if that's what you're asking.

[text] Fair enough. But she was always a bit weird, so who knows. Well, if you didn’t then who did?

viciouskatherine asked:

[Text]: I'm just curious, that's all. Let me guess, she dumped you. Am I right? - I know nothing, Winchester. The girl was attacked yesterday. It's time for her to get over it.

[text] And why the hell would you think that? Well, you sound awfully bitchy. Did you have something to do with it?

viciouskatherine asked:

[Text]: Why would I know something? People are often attacked in this town.

[text] Because if someone’s attacked, I’m pretty sure you’d want to know who did it so you can save that little ass of yours if you have to. So you do know something.

viciouskatherine asked:

[Text]: I didn't tell him anything. And you should be thanking me right now, Winchester. Not calling me a blabber mouth.

[text] I’m not calling you anything, Pierce. And fine. I’ll believe you this time. Then what do you know about that girl that was attacked the other day?