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Brian was born in April of 1993 in Orange, CA, USA. He grew up as an only child with a thriving imagination, playing elaborate games of fiction and fairytales. Now 19, Brian works as a freelance photographer, specializing in fashion and fine art photography. He began taking photographs at the age of sixteen, and as he experimented with self portraiture and surrealism, his love of photography blossomed as he taught himself how to create freely. Brian keeps his passion of all things beautiful and strange ever present in his work, creating surreal, conceptual images that transport the viewer to new worlds. Brian is currently living and working in the Los Angeles area, and is available for commissioned work internationally.

Hey friends, I just got a text from a friend asking for advice for her friend, a gay trans woman who was told today at her workplace that she is no longer permitted to use the women’s restroom and must either use the mens room or set up “scheduled quarantined bathroom breaks.” She’s located in the state of Oregon, for reference if anyone has legal advice. She’s planning on taking legal action but my friend was looking for suggestions for her in the meantime. Does anyone have any advice I can pass along?

it’s amazing how taylor swift has the power to single-handedly destroy modern feminism through a song that won’t even be heard by anyone but her for another month and a half

you know what!! i was going to leave it at that sarcastic comment but this article is terrible and i am PISSED OFF and i want to talk about it so let’s talk about it. Let’s get all properly punctuated. Let’s have a goddamn conversation.

"Since the beginning of country/pop singer Taylor Swift’s rise to fame, she’s never been shy about her relationships. In fact, it’s now widely accepted that if you break up with Swift, she will write a ‘revenge song’ about you." A “revenge song”? I think in all 8 years of Taylor’s career, I can name maybe two or three released songs that would meet the bare requirements of a “revenge song,” and each of them were written when she was 17/18 (she is now a few months from 25), and one of them isn’t even about someone that broke up with her. The article goes on to cite two of these songs and claim that “the list goes on and on…” I would like to see this list. I question its legitimacy and, frankly, its existence. But hey, who cares about actual facts when the widely accepted, openly misogynistic opinion about her is that she’s crazy and dates regularly so that she can have new song material? Reducing her entire rise to fame, her entire career, to just her relationships with men is a disgusting thing to do, especially while claiming to be doing it in the name of feminism.

"With the recent build-up to Swift’s upcoming album 1989, the question on everyone’s mind seems to be, ‘Who is the (un)lucky guy now?’" Hmm, no. That is not what I’m thinking. That is not what anyone who is a fan is thinking. That is not what anyone who has heard absolutely anything about the album is thinking, as Taylor has stated over and over and over that this is not a boy-centric album. But again - who cares about facts when there’s a misogynistic question to be asked?

The article then mentions Bad Blood again, saying that yes, this song is about a feud with another woman, "But there’s a problem: The whole thing seems very contrived. And it’s contrived around a horribly outdated image of what it means to be a woman. The most troubling part is not that Swift turned this into a PR stunt — a kind of ‘you do you, Taylor’ — but that she’s feeding into the public’s obsession with pitting women against each other." She made one comment about the song in one interview while also discussing seven other songs and a very broad range of other topics. If this is a PR stunt, it would seem she is quite terrible at PR. She mentioned the song once - no one outside of her inside circle and the interviewer she discussed it with, no one INCLUDING the author of this article, has heard it. We don’t even have a single lyric from the song, and this author is trying to build an entire arguement against Taylor based on pure speculation. Furthermore, she uses some back asswards concept of feminism to do so - she refers tearing down other women as “a horribly outdated image of what it means to be a woman,” then showcases her own idea of what it means to be a woman by… tearing down another woman.

“‘She did something so horrible,’ she said, ‘I was like, ‘Oh, we’re just straight-up enemies.’ And it wasn’t even about a guy! It had to do with business.’ … As Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie put it in her TED talk, “We raise girls to see each other as competitors — not for jobs or for accomplishments, which I think can be a good thing, but for the attention of men.” The author cites Taylor saying that her problem with another woman has nothing to do with a man, that it has to do with business, and then she immediately discredits it by quoting Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (a quote that is in direct support of what Taylor is saying) and showing she doesn’t believe her - in so many words, saying, “Actually, Taylor, the only thing you could ever be upset about is a man. It doesn’t matter that that I’m fully aware you said otherwise.”

"Her behavior is problematic. It promotes terrible ideas about women — it casts them as catty and petty. As always, Swift put it best when she told Allure: ‘There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.’ [ETA: this is not even a Taylor quote]. Maybe it’s time for Swift to take her own advice.” Maybe it’s time for you to look in a mirror? God, the thing that pisses me off most about this article is not that it’s mean about Taylor while I love her to death, not that she cites examples she clearly knows very little about, but that she says things that are so outright misogynistic then follows them with “BUT I’M A FEMINIST” to exempt herself from guilt. That is not the way it works. You don’t get to reduce a women and her entire career to who she dates and then claim you’re a feminist. You don’t get to tear her apart because you don’t like her, citing false examples and creating your own “facts,” and then claim you’re a feminist. You don’t get to wear that label to cover your ass while tearing other women down for the sake of some false sense of superiority. The internet really needs to grow out of this “I call myself a feminist so I can say any terrible thing I want about women and be completely justified 100% of the time” phase because it’s getting really disgusting really quickly.