John Green and the Israeli Palestinian Conflict

I want to start this post by saying I’m completely biased when it comes to the above mentioned conflict, as I am currently writing this from Israel, the country in which I was born and raised. That being said, it gives me authority to talk about it, something John Green lacks.

What upset me most about the Crash Course video (that, if you’ve somehow missed, is right here) is that if it were a pinch more to the Palestinian’s favour, it would have been a stand and not facts. Only, of course, everyone who knows the situation well enough knows, these are not facts. The video makes it seem like it’s the whole truth, when at parts it’s not even true- not to mention all of it.

For example, did you notice how they failed to mention 1973? That year in which the most difficult war occured, where we lost literally thousands of men, and also a lot of the land gained in 1967? Ha, how easy was that to forget. Also: Hamas is popular because of social project in Gaza? So I take it you’ve not seen how they launch their missiles from schools, so that if someone dares to shoot back, they’ll have nice photos of the dead, innocent children they so like to hide behind.

I was really excited, though, around the end. “In the past ten years, Hamas has frequently launched rocket attacks into Israel, Israel has responded…” and you know, I thought, here we have it, finally how things really happened, “with extended and extremely violent invasions to Palestinian territory and have seen thousands of Palestinians killed” ah nope nevermind.

I may have gotten more sensetive over the years when it comes to this conflict, I think it’s because I’ve seen my best friends, my own sister, and possibly in the upcoming 2015, also myself, in military uniform. Also, it might be the fact that I can now say I personally knew people who died because of it. But, irregardless, let me leave you with this: My history teacher in High School used to tell us, it annoys her when people say, “How is it that Israel have won all their wars, and always lost less men? They must be the bad guys in this”. What these people don’t understand, unfortunately, is that if Israel lost a war, there would probably not be Israel anymore. 

Mr. Green, I really appreciate you and your work, but if you’re going to attempt to recap the world’s history, you’re gonna have to do better than that.


BALE WEEK is a time for all of Bale’s fans to appreciate him and his work over the years. It will begin on his 41st birthday, JAN 30th!  In essence, it is a week (well, technically eight days) devoted to Bale and is meant as a collective time for the fandom to enjoy him, and celebrate his birthday.

To participate in Bale Week, you can create edits, gifs, fan art, videos, or any other media, based on the week’s prompts or not, and it will be shared with the rest of the fandom. But please remember reposting is not allowed, in Bale Week or on Tumblr.

Here are the week’s prompts and their respective tags:

  • Jan 30th: Happy 41st Birthday!
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  • Jan 31st: Favorite Role.
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The main tag for the whole event is “baleweek”, so please remember to tag all your submissions with this tag as well as the baleedit tag so that I can easily find it and reblog it!

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I made a sample comic page to try to get a feel for how I want to do the comic!!  I still need to finalize colors and designs, but I’ll get to it when I get to it!  This semester’s going to be filled with my personal project, so I’m looking forward to it and I’m also scared, too………………

my sleep is messed up & my back hurts but at least I passed all of my exams so far!! 4 more to go, fingers crossed!!!


150129 Jung Yonghwa One Fine Day - Mnet Mcountdown:
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