yo, even if you guys don’t watch Roosterteeth/Achievement Hunter stuff, you should really watch AH’s GTA V heists, because their fuckin gold, and so far each one has been better than the last, imo

they are, in order:

Geoff’s Heist

Gavin’s Heist

Ryan’s Heist

Michael’s Heist

and they’re really best seen in order

Watch on queergirlquestions.tumblr.com

The Fine Brothers have a webseries that has kids discussing/reacting to different topics. Some of these kiddos are ridiculously wise. And adorable. 

No one seems to do their research anymore, not even well known YouTubers like the Fine Brothers. MarbleHornets as well as the rest of the Slenderverse mythos influenced Slender, not the other way around. The Fine Brothers have nearly 2 million subscribers. This is the internet equivalent of CNN saying that Party Rock Anthem was inspired by Oppan Gangnam Style. The spread of misinformation continues.


Introducing: Christmas Face Christmas Cards!

Share with your friends and family - post on their walls (Facebook OR literally), print them off and hand one to them, make stickers, reblog, tweet, anything! Spread the Christmas (Face) Cheer!!

You can watch the video again here.

Deleted lines from the Thor script #199