"Queen of Hearts" by Gabe Tomoiaga

Model: Sofia Tveter https://www.facebook.com/sofia.tveter

Stylist: Lydia Marie https://www.facebook.com/LydiaMarie.Stylist?fref=nf

Hair and MUA: Juel Bergholm https://www.facebook.com/SalonJuel

"Hide, Don’t Seek" by Alex Schaefer

We hide who we really are or what we stand for because we think if people see us as we truly are, that we won’t live up to their expectations. But what we ultimately give up in doing so is sharing an honest and meaningful connection with someone.

And so we have a choice- we can find a place that makes us feel comfortable — an emotional state, or a physical space — and hide there for no one to find us. Or, we can stand up, vulnerably expressing our true selves, knowing that with this risk comes a powerful and meaningful connection to those around us who are willing to do the same.

I used to be afraid of what people might think of me every time I post a self-portrait. But what I came to realize is that by not posting these portraits, I would be sacrificing my own creativity in an effort to please someone who likely didn’t care in the first place.


Ryan Hopkinson

The Odyssey


In collaboration with Andrew Stellitano, Adam Leary & The Forge we set out to create a series of images that would forge awe-inspiring nature with the refinement of modern interior design. Key visual cues were taken from the paintings of John Martin, Constable and Friedrich as reference to the landscapes, interior tones and lighting. We used modern furniture pieces supplied by designers Swedese & Skandium to add specific textures to the set whilst the rest of the backgrounds, mirrors and tables where designed and made by Andrew Stellitano. The mirror’s act as the entrance to un-explored worlds, where the interaction of raindrops, clouds and smoke escape into the interior surroundings. The luxury items from Ralph Lauren, Panerai & Armani featured within the images reflect their importance and use within each of Adam Leary’s matte painted landscapes.

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B. deSannorat

My nom de guerre is B. deSannorat. I am a novice photographer from Majorca (Balearic Islands, Spain). I work with a Sony A-100  for about four months. Before I was taking my pictures with an Ipad. I like all sorts of photography but at the moment I base my works on still life and I experiment with the light and textures.