Just Another Pointless Rant

I’m turning 17 and still had no boyfriend since birth. Not that it’s a bad thing— cause I swear it’s not even close to being one— but hey, thinking about it, I’m the only one in my circle of friends who have never had a Romeo. Sometimes I stand in front of the mirror and look back at myself. No one has actually been attracted to me, or if there were any, they were cowards. I see a strong, confident girl in the mirror. Easy to anger but easy to sway emotionally. Sometimes I wonder if it’s my physique that make Cupid’s arrows elope when it comes to me.

I’ve been shot by that arrow, several times, though Cupid preferred to shot me alone and leave the one I’ve fallen to unharmed. I’ve been friendzoned, seenzoned, hahazoned and all. I’m sick of all these zones. I’m sick of wondering. I’m sick of waiting.

I don’t really know what to do. Sometimes I know I’ll be studying hard and will be foregoing all thoughts of romance. But now here I go again, wondering why no one has even tried to win my heart. It’s cheesy and stupid, but admit it, all of us thinks about the same thing in some parts of our lives. The only difference is that these uncertainties are answered for others, while mine still remains on air.

I know I’m not ugly. My attitude is not that bad either, though sometimes I can be a nagger and may curse time and again. But why, I ask once more, has no one even dared?

Cupid, explain yourself.

anonymous said:

ate, i think i'm falling for my guy bestfriend. can you give advices?

 hala! why why why me? o.O  pero sige, I’ll try to help. hmmmm, my advice is AVOID falling for him. Kung na-inlove ka sa guy bestfriend mo, lagot ka kasi kapag nangyari ‘yon, kailangan mong pumili: friendship or relationship? but of course, if you choose the latter, hindi mo naman masisiguro na it will be successful o hindi mo naman alam if he feels the same way for you. and if that happens,  there’ll just be a 1% chance  that the old friendship will ever be restored. If you’re willing to take that risk, then huwag kang mahihiyang magtapat sa kanya… but kung hindi mo kayang isugal ang magandang samahan ninyo ngayon, then you have to take the pain and keep your emotions… (nakatulong ba ako? =)))))


“History repeats itself.”

I never really thought I’d hate this statement ‘til now. God, I swear I can kill whoever said it. Am I being too overacting? Sorry but I guess that’s just how I feel.

My quest to find my Romeo yet again came to an uncertain end. I may hate to say it, but yes, I’ve come once more to that hateful scene denoted by the lexicon SEENZONED.

I’m totally sick of all these. I’m sick of waiting for Cupid’s arrow to hit him. I’m sick of being JUST FRIENDS. I’m sick of having this awkward feels whenever we’re both in the same place. Strangers-friends-strangers… I’M SICK OF THESE THINGS HAPPENING ALL OVER AGAIN.

All I want now is someone who can break this vicious cycle of my romantic whatnots. Someone who can stay for real. Someone who’ll text me first thing in the morning. Someone who’ll think of me before unconsciousness takes him to dreamland. And alas, someone who, even in dreamland, would want to be with me.

But I guess that someone hasn’t found me yet. One way or another he has to hurry up. Move faster. Notice that he’s taking so much time. I mean I’m not much in a hurry, but I’m getting tired of waiting.

The unleaving leaves of the summer tree is yet gonna fall again.

Saying Please But Not Begging

Please don’t do this all over again. I don’t wanna be friendzoned and seenzoned anymore.I’m sick and have had a lot of experiences with that.Please don’t remind me of the pain again.

All I want you is do is reply. Say you care. Show you understand. No need to say big words, a simple “good evening” is ok with me. I’ll live with that.