I’m living vicariously through Paola while she’s vacationing in Haiti. She’s wearing the Tina body-chain and waist beads by @waistfulbeads. #waistbeads Shop/view the collection on www.charmedfeathers.com #thebutterflylink #beachready #charmedfeathers #bodychains #thebutterflylinkcollection #shells #fanmdjanm #findingpaola #haiti

"You want to be heard? Speak. You want to be seen? Show up. You want to be respected? Respect yourself. You want change? Start with yourself. You want to succeed? Keep moving forward. You are the author of your own story. You’re the only one who can tell it best. And it’s never too late to grab a pen." Words of wisdom from @findingpaola. This is exactly what I mean when I say how to live a charmed life! #htlcl #howtoliveacharmedlife #charmed #charmedfeathers #charmedlife #findingpaola #wisdom #wakeup #showup #doyou #fanmdjanm

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This is the pilot of the upcoming web series “Finding Paola”. With producer and blogger Paola Mathé (aka Porcella) decided to band together and start this series about finding New York City culture in a creative, honest, and innovative way. We find, we film, we feature, and we focus on the faces, places and ideas that create the authenticity of New York City. 

This is our first pilot and every thursday at the end of each month we’ll bring more episodes for you. Stay tuned for our next one!