Superfabulous YA Lit Meme → Five Protagonists [2/5] 

Mimi Force [Blue Bloods by Melissa de la Cruz]

“The Code of the Vampires decreed that anyone who violated the Sacred Law was condemned to death, the blood burning. Charles had refused to subject Allegra to the sentence. But Mimi was a different matter. Mimi walked out of the church, knowing that if she ever saw Jack again, she would have to kill him.”

heavymetaltaiga asked:

[Beat up meme] ... Who the fuck did this to ya?

[Hunched over, braced against a wall as he attempts to stagger… somewhere— his office or the clinic, wherever he gets closer to— he’s surprised to hear a familiar voice.]


[He grins with a bloodied mouth, teeth stained and lips split. One arm is wrapped loosely around his bruised chest, jacket absent, iron bands of pain encasing broken ribs.]

Dunno— too many to remember all their names. H-head back up this alley an’— follow the bodies, ya might find one still conscious.

Dating Ashton would involve:

  • drumming his hands on your butt when you’re laying in bed
  • massaging you shoulders and back randomly
  • “baby listen to this record”
  • he uses a bandanna to tie your wrists together during kinky sex
  • drawing hearts and shapes on your arms while you’re trying to work on something
  • constantly taking pictures of you and recording you when you look bad
  • whining and pouting and giving you grabby hands
  • you sitting on his lap while he’s at his drum set and he teaches you how to make simple beats
  • him constantly lifting you up with ease because of his strength
  • strong fingering game
  • calming you down so easily when you’re upset with his soft words and forehead kisses
  • riding his thigh until you climax
  • dressing you up in his shirts and bandannas and calling you his little punk baby girl
  • “can ya do this with ya nostrils?”
  • finding flowers and placing them in your hair as you both lie in a huge field and the sun is going down
  • traveling the world and seeing all there is to see
  • putting his hair in pigtails
  • intellectual debates that turn into heated fights that end when he smashes his lips to yours and slides his hand in your pants
  • his model pout 
  • very very careful love making as his rough hands slowly wander all over your body
  • demanding that he pounds you harder than he pounds those drums
  • “Don’t swear!” *he swears like a mother fucker*
  • wide neck shirts that show off his amazing collar bones that you can leave hickeys all over
  • you staring at him as he looks through records at a store with wondrous eyes
  • pushing back wavy strands of hair that fall in his face and he grants you with a deep dimpled smile
  • penis / ball jokes on a daily
  • wearing his glasses and scrunching your nose cutely at him
  • a shit ton of poetic compliments as he runs his hands up your spine and braids your hair and super sensitive stuff like that
  • the boys asking why he always cuddles with you and not them/ babysitting the boys with him
  • him yelling incredibly inappropriate things all the time because he’s loud af
  • dancing with you and wiggling his cake thicc ass 

Luke / Calum/ Michael


#where apparently mickey is the only one not starring in ‘Useless’


* q*)9 gonna cosplay this girl at anijam this year, hehe.


@jccaylen @KianLawley how bout u get ur lazy ass outta bed & come to the gym w me. Subway after. then after that get ur ass beat at Mario kart again