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So me and autisticizaya's phones have been shut off. the only way to get them back on is to pay the full amount. I had a post before asking for help, but this time it's even more serious. We don't have any other way to contact schools, doctors, or family. If you can help at all my paypal is (i've updated the email finally). I also do commissions.

Please, please help if you can

hey everyone. so now that my birthday is over and i’m no longer living in a suspended reality where i have no responsibilities and problems, i’m asking y’all for help 

i dropped out of beauty school because the demanding schedule (42 hours a week) interfered with the fact that i was moving about 70 miles north at the same time. i had no energy and was emotionally exhausted—it is sadly really common to walk into the bathroom at beauty school and see multiple girls crying or trying to calm themselves down, and i was usually one of them. i’m so proud of myself for making it as far as i did, but it wasn’t realistic or healthy for me to have so much on my plate at once. 

not only was i moving with my mom, but we were also moving my grandparents to a separate property. i was at three different locations all the time, with at least a half an hour commute (usually more) between them, my grandmother was emotionally abusive to us the entire time, she took my dog with her (which is another layer of emotional pain) and she refused to thank us for everything we did for her.

fast forward to now, where i am more or less settled in a place. i have a mattress on the floor of my mom’s boyfriend’s office in his apartment. 95% of my belongings are still in boxes at multiple properties. it’s bearable, but i don’t feel like i have a home right now.

i don’t want to get into the full details of why, but my school recently told me that i owe them $744. financial aid didn’t cover this for whatever reason, and now i have to pay out of pocket. no one in my family has enough money to pay this, and even if they offered, i’ve already gotten so much financial help from my family that i feel guilty asking for food money. 

as far as income goes, i’m unemployed. i am applying to multiple jobs in the area, hoping that someone will hire me at least part time, so i can be more independent and cover my personal and academic expenses. 

in the meantime, if anyone is able to spare a few dollars here and there, i would be eternally grateful. i hate having to ask but i’m running out of options. 

i also can do business with you:

traditional drawings/watercolors for $10+ (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x)

digital art for $5+ (x) (x) (x) (x)

graphics/edits/icons/gifs for $3+ (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x)

i also have a redbubble account selling shirts, hoodies and stickers

thanks guys. my paypal is and there is also a donate button on my sidebar. anything helps, even a reblog. thank you so much 

"Thanks means a lot." says Name Supplied. "I mean, not as much as royally sticking two fingers up to my grandchildren and great-grandchildren at Christmas and birthdays, obviously, but it’s certainly up there in the top five."

pls read if u have time

okay i really hate to do this
like i know there are a lot of ppl in more like, dire situations
i started a gofundme to help with my college bills
i’m queer & nonbinary and half my family doesn’t associate with me bc of it (the other half doesn’t know)
even then, I have four little siblings they have to take care of, and my mom is about to take a HUGE pay cut at work, so they can’t really help
i’m moving across the country to new york for a really really good university but i honestly don’t know how I’m gonna make my payments
I have to pay over 4,000 dollars a semester. plus books and other stuff and transportation to and from work and all that jazz.
I have a job lined up, but will likely end up working two
I have a lot of depression and anxiety and constant stress about money makes it exponentially worse

ok there’s a long description on the page I guess I don’t wanna waste y’all’s time
I only have like 100 followers so I don’t rly expect this to get noticed but if just one person is able to help well
it’s still help
you can signal boost this if you’re feeling generous or something
thanks guys

here’s the link:

thanks guys

This is a very important piece from Robert Kuttner at the American Prospect. I want to quote the whole thing, but that wouldn’t be a quote. Here’s an excerpt:

Economic history is filled with bouts of financial euphoria followed by painful mornings after. When nations awake saddled with debts incurred to finance wars, episodes of failed speculation, or grand projects that haven’t paid off, they have two choices. Either the creditor class prevails at the expense of everyone else, or governments find ways to reduce the debt burden so that the productive power of the economy can recover.

Creditors—the rentier class in classic usage—are usually the wealthy and the powerful. Debtors, almost by definition, have scant resources or power. The “money issue” of 19th-century America, about whether credit would be cheap or dear, was also a battle between growth and austerity.

The creditor class views anything less than full debt repayment as the collapse of economic civilization. In fact, however, debts are often not paid in full. In the 20th century, speculators lost fortunes as dozens of nations defaulted on debts. Several 19th-century U.S. states and municipalities defaulted. Losers in wars and revolutions seldom pay debts. (Those czarist bonds have no value except on eBay.) The Brady Plan of the late 1980s paid bondholders of defaulting Third World debtors at about 70 cents on the dollar so that economic growth could resume.

Sometimes, debts simply cannot be paid. That’s why debtors’ prison was a ruinous idea (except as a deterrent). The real issue is how to restructure debt when it becomes impossible to repay. This is not just a struggle between haves and have-nots but between the claims of the past and the potential of the future.

And here’s the whole thing; link via Elias Isquith at the League of Ordinary Gentlemen, who writes:

Another way to put this is that working towards increasing employment and reducing private debt is not in the rational self-interest of people who, for the time being, find themselves doing quite all right in this poor economy. Kuttner focuses here on those who are against shifting the balance of power between debtors and creditors. But the same dynamic is true regarding fiscal policy.

I’m most certainly not an economist, so I’m inclined to look at these issues largely through a political lens. And that means taking into account the dynamics of power. Doing that, it’s not so curious, the continued apathy on the part of the country’s elites towards reducing unemployment. After all, a market where everyone desperately wants a job is one in which employers have supreme leverage. Provided you’re not a retailer suffering from the lack of demand in the population, maintaining this economic status quo is a great way to control the rise of wages.

Read Isquith’s full post as well.