Foolish Financial Decisions You Don't Want To Make

Let’s face it. No matter how smart we are (or think we are), we are all prone to making mistakes with our money. In honor of April 1st, here are some of the most common foolish financial decisions people make:

1) Spending money you don’t have on things you don’t need to impress people you don’t like.

2) Chasing investment returns.

3) Paying for credit monitoring.

4) Using “average” assumptions in your retirement planning.

5) Having too much money in one stock.

6) Bailing out of stocks while they’re low.

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anonymous asked:

HOW in the WORLD do people afford mastectomies??? I have Medicaid and it doesn't cover it (I checked, and not even for breast cancer prevention or any "medically necessary" reasons). But it seems like a lot of people get them. Does everyone just save up for them or is there some sort of grant program I don't know about? :o

Emery says:

Some people are able to get their surgeries partially or totally covered by insurance. Some people are able to afford them out-of-pocket, either through financial support or through savings. A lot of people use sites like GoFundMe or YouCaring to fundraise; these kinds of posts go around on Tumblr all the time. (For example, mine is here!) 

anonymous asked:

Since tax season is coming up, I wanted to let you guys and your followers know that if you make less than 50K a year, H&R Block will file your taxes online for you for FREE and they'll help you find deductions and stuff you probably don't know about so you can get your maximum tax refund.

Yep. Turbotax will do the same—and they’ll pay you back the fines plus interest if they make any mistakes (I’ve been using them for years upon years and never had a mistake; always got money back). This year they even added free state tax filing, which is huge.

You can also check with other tax services in your area. Chances are, if you’re using a 1040EZ, someone is willing to do your taxes for free.

Hello, my name’s Thomas. I live in Asheville, NC  and I’m turning 18 years old in March! Anyways, ever since I was young my family has been struggling financially. We’ve been in bankruptcy, had to go without water and sometimes power. We were doing good financially ever since I got a job and started to make enough to help out a little. It seemed like our financial problems were all going away, until my father lost his job and my mother got injured. Since my father has lost his job he’s been doing little side stuff with one of his close friends Bobby, but he doesn’t make much. My mom was a nurse at our local hospital, until she severely broke her arm. Since her jobs requires her to do lifting, carrying, etc. She’s been out of work, and they wont let her come back to do simple stuff. Disability and her PTO that she gets weekly is about $100-$200 which is nothing. I also haven’t been smart with my money. I was spending it on stuff I didn’t need and just being totally irresponsible with how I was spending it. Thank God my parents gave me a wake up call, and showed me how bad our situation is. 

So, as of late I’ve had to pick up the slack, and I definitely do not make enough to pay every single bill we have, including my own. Keep in mind we still have to get groceries, pay for gas, and soon pay for my college tution. To make matters worse I have to pay a $1,010 mortgage bill or else our house will be put into foreclosure and we will be kicked out. I’ve tried everything. I’ve tried getting a second job, i’ve tried getting my parents to beg our bank for extensions. I’ve tried anything possible.

If we don’t pay our bills we could lose our: house, car, phones, heat, water, power, and so on…

Please, if you have the extra money to spend, please consider donating it? You do not have to, and I know some of you have your own problems as well, but it would mean the world to me if you did. 

You can click here to donate. 

Tips on Saving Money or Fund-raising for a Mermaid Tail

A tutorial in the “Raina’s Professional Resources” series. 

So you really really want a mermaid tail. It’s your dream. There’s just one problem: you have no money! What’s a fish to do? Read on for tips on how to save money and successfully fund-raise! 

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Moving Out Master Post

Hey, figured I’d make a master post for reference purposes.

Important Tax Links to Know
If there is only one wage-earner in your relationship, a joint account is not a bad idea, so that everyone has access to household funds. It’s very important, however, especially when one person earns wages and the other(s) does oft under-appreciated and unpaid work like raising kids, cleaning the house, etc, that there is mutual respect for the value of every person’s work. The stay-at-home partner(s) shouldn’t feel like they are asking for an allowance from the wage-earner, nor should the wage-earner think they have the final say in financial matters.
Help me out please...I’m desperate

 I don’t have money to pay for my tuition this fall. Moving out of state with my grandma to get out of a toxic home environment is draining all the money I have. Even with working full time and having financial aid I’m still $9000 short and would be so grateful if you could all help me out…..please - I can’t keep pushing my degree back…..anything helps so please please if you can help I’ll be eternally grateful.

SMG Renamed School Of Corporate Sellouts

QUESTROM SCHOOL OF BUSINESS – Today the former School of Management revealed that, after a generous bribe, they will now be known as the School of Corporate Sellouts, or ‘Greedy Bastards’ for short. 

“We really think this name better demonstrates the ideals of our school,” said Dean Kenneth Freeman. “Those with the most money get whatever they want.” 

With the money comes added perks for Greedy Bastard students, including a seminar on turning your family into profits, tickets to Bailout: The Musical, and $300 straight cash in exchange for their souls. 

“It is my honor to provide my name to the school that gave me my start,” said Arthur Corporate Sellout (SMG ’67) standing in the officially named JC Penny Lobby Bathroom. “Without its training, I would never have gained the business wherewithal to give millions to the school already flush with too much money.”

Some current students are confused over the school’s name change, which comes following similar circumstances last semester. 

“My Snapchat geotag still says ‘SMG,’” said Katelyn Soon-To-Be-Corporate-Sellout (QSB ‘16). “Is this what an identity crisis feels like?”

“Wait a minute, it just changed to a…to a Scrooge McDuck silhouette?” she continued. “And how did I just get a $300 deposit in my bank account? Why does the Scrooge McDuck silhouette have red eyes?” 

At press time, a business student trying to think outside the box was advised by his professor to just try buying the box.

I’ve mentioned Splitwise here before, but let me say again what a fucking miracle this site/app is. What does it do? It helps you track your finances—and remind your shitty roommates to pay up. Say you buy groceries for the apartment and spend $50. You can add that into Splitwise and it will automatically determine how much your roommate owes you, and at the end of the month (or more often), it lets you settle up. It’s like the scorekeeper you always needed for that roommate that “forgets” to pay you or “will get you back next time.” Don’t put up with that shit. Track every expense to the penny and get your due.

It’s also a great way to track personal spending! Just put your expenses in throughout the month and it’ll break them down into cool charts for you and tell you where all your money went. This way, you can see what trash you are and figure out where to cut back.