Let me tell you about that most dishonorable profession - sales. These are the same men and women who as boys and girls were the flibbertigibbets of the playground - full of words, opinions, and in general themselves. It never matters what you may think, they’ve already decided for you: how much of a dinosaur you are for not already knowing about their latest mortgage product, how “life-changing” their shiny new app is, and how badly you need (as if suddenly humankind’s basic necessities included one more item) what they have. To think of the hundreds, even thousands of cubicle farms across this country packed full of warm-bodies with one explicit purpose - “to pad their numbers” just so that they can sleep at night. Forget what “value-add” they peddle, anything that requires the act of selling is not at all important; it’s his ego that’s important, her place among her fellow tribesmen that matters. By answering the phone you’re only contributing to the deadweight loss in society. And don’t worry, you’ll find out sooner or later if whatever it is they’ve cooked up supplants food and water.
—  Publico, editor of Public.SQ
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Don’t buy stuff you don’t want with money you don’t have to impress people you don’t like.

Great words to live by.

They’d saved the city with gold more easily, at this point, than any hero could have managed with steel. But in truth it had not exactly been gold, or the promise of gold, but more like the fantasy of gold, the fairy dream that the gold is there, at the end of the rainbow, and will continue to be there forever provided, naturally, that you don’t go and look.
This is known as Finance.
—  Going Postal (2004)
Qualities Of Good Estate Sales Companies

Qualities Of Good Estate Sales Companies

The responsibilities of these companies is marketing as well as selling properties owned by other individuals. The clients give the Tucson estate sales companiesthe task of organizing, pricing as well as searching for buyers of these properties. The clients can be people wanting to liquidate valuables some of which are surplus to them or people wanting to make cash out of their properties. For a…

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Jack Dorsey’s dazzling startup promised to transform the credit and finance industry. After losing $100 million, has his company lost its edge?

"With any challenge," Dorsey says, "there’s a fight-or-flight psychological reaction: You either continue to fight, or you go away."

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Dave Ramsey details a whole list of terrible financial ripoffs that nearly every American has done at some point:

Car leasing is the most expensive, worst car financial deal on the planet.

Whole-life insurance is the payday lender of the middle class.

Student loans are ripping off the student and the country.

Credit cards are not worth the interest rates to buy stuff you don’t want.

Payday lenders are the scum of the earth.

Rent-to-Own items could have been bought for the price of just three payments.

Timeshares make you rent and pay interest for your vacation as long as you are part of it.

Guides To Picking Financial Advisors Dublin Investors Should Know

Guides To Picking Financial Advisors Dublin Investors Should Know

Some people say money is everything yet the truth of the matter is that money is the only thing. You have to learn to manage your finances properly if at all you would want to see it put into good use. In deed lots of people are not good at managing finances. What usually happens is that one someone gets a pay increase, his lifestyle changes. He will therefore choose to have more expensive…

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Platform helps separated couples plan and manage child support without arguing

Divorces and separations are emotionally fraught enough without having to get both parties together to arrange and maintain child support plans. However, the reality is that parents need to work as a team even more so after a split. We’ve already seen services such as Wevorce aim to make them more amicable by replacing the two-lawyer system with a single common representative who works with both parties. Now SupportPay is an organization tool that can make the process of managing child support payments and post-break up communication less stressful. READ MORE…


10 ways to save money in Beijing

While living in China is certainly cheaper than living in European countries and the United States, that might not be so in the capital. Beijing’s is China’s most expensive city, and many expats coming over with ambitions to save money might leave disappointed.

However, it is definitely possible to have a decent, more “local” life and save a lot of money without necessarily cutting down on comfort, travelling and entertainment. Just follow  a few tips!

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