10 Worst Business Decisions Ever Made

In the late 1990s, an Internet upstart named Netflix began offering a DVD-by-mail service. The subscription service exploded in popularity, and Netflix executives flew down to Texas in 2000 to make an offer to Blockbuster CEO John Antioco. For $50 million, Netflix would join forces with Blockbuster and help it launch its own online and DVD-by-mail service [source: Graser]. Antioco laughed Netflix out of the office, seeing it as a niche player.

Who’s laughing now? As of May 2014, Netflix is valued at more than $20 billion and Blockbuster — which filed for bankruptcy in 2010 — closed its last retail stores and canceled its copycat DVD-by-mail service in 2013 [source: Mauk].

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The Russian Crisis Explained in Two Minutes

The value of the ruble has plunged against the dollar in just the last two days, even as Russia’s central bank takes drastic action to try and prop up the currency. Bloomberg’s Joe Weisenthal breaks down what happened and what’s next.


RUSSIAN FEDERATION, Moscow : Employees work in an office in Moscow on December 15, 2014. The Russian ruble tumbled 9.5 percent Monday to new record lows as falling crude prices pulled the rug out from under the currency of the oil exporting nation, with analysts saying the Kremlin needs to act to stop the free fall. The plunge in the ruble came as the central bank warned the low oil price could trigger a contraction of nearly 5 percent next year and tensions surged with the United States over Ukraine. AFP PHOTO / KIRILL KUDRYAVTSEV

Tips In Finding A Physician Financial Planning Consultant

Tips In Finding A Physician Financial Planning Consultant

Some medical professionals need to understand how money works. Perform a background check on the company. With the internet, this is easy for you to do because of the many resources that you can refer to. These people are not investment savvy because this is not their field of interest.

But first, you must understand what these mutual companies and other investment houses can do for you. Check…

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hunter-1994 asked:

I'm majoring in business administration with a focus in entrepreneurial real estate. What can I do with this degree? I don't want to be an insurance agent, I'd prefer to work as a profit consultant/analyst for a corporation.

Business admin is a great choice because not only does it teach you to be a manager, but you also learn basically all the areas that make a business successful. Every company in the world needs people like that, so you should be able to land some kind of business position at just about any company your interested in.

But if you’re a freshman or sophomore, and if you’re specifically interested in managing corporate money, you should consider adding a minor like finance or accounting.

Also, if you’re not interested in real estate, and if your school has other options, you should consider also changing your focus as well.


Why Currency Crises Are Rarely Solved By Rate Hikes - Bloomberg TV

Ideal Fire Sprinkler System Calculation Techniques

Ideal Fire Sprinkler System Calculation Techniques

Timeliness or just excellence is their crucial basics. The certified people are skilled given that they comprehend the obstacles that could bring about setback. Thus, they confirm that those main features are actually executed to keep away from inconveniences in the prospective future. It is therefore vital to develop estimates and fire sprinkler system calculationmethods in order to establish…

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As I write this, the news is saturated with stories of a hostage situation possibly involving Islamic militants in Sydney, Australia. Like many, I am concerned about the shockwave such an event will create through our sociopolitical structures. However, while most of the world will be distracted by the outcome of this crisis (for good or bad) for at least the week, I find I must concern myself with a far more important and dangerous situation.


How To Arm Yourself For Mortgage Branch Manager Opportunities

How To Arm Yourself For Mortgage Branch Manager Opportunities

The concept of being a professional is elusive to many. It seems unachievable to some while others simply stand in awe of all professionals when applying for mortgage branch manager opportunities. However, this concept may not be too hard. This piece will illustrate tools that can enable you to be a professional in your line of work as well.

Schooling necessities for a selected job must be…

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上海2014年12月18日電 /美通社/ — 中國內地規模最大、技術最先進的集成電路晶圓代工企業 — 中芯國際集成電路製造有限公司(「中芯國際」,紐約證交所股票代碼:SMI,香港聯交所股票代碼:981)與 Qualcomm Incorporated(納斯達克:QCOM)今日共同宣佈,Qualcomm 的全資子公司 — Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.與中芯國際合作的28納米 QualcommR驍龍™410處理器成功製造,這是雙方在先進工藝製程和晶圓製造合作上的重要里程碑。

6個月前,雙方宣佈了在28納米晶圓製造方面達成合作的初步計劃。驍龍™410是專為海量市場新一代智能手機和平板電腦設計的一款領先處理器,擁有集成的LTE連接、高性能圖形和圖像處理、1080P 高清顯示、64位處理技術和一系列先進調製解調器功能。這是中芯國際在28納米工藝成熟上的重要一步,中芯國際藉此成為中國內地第一家在最先進工藝節點上生產高性能、低功耗手機處理器的晶圓代工企業。這一成就源於中芯國際和 Qualcomm Technologies 的長期生產合作,雙方於今年七月擴大了在28納米工藝節點上的合作。

「高效能、低功耗的驍龍處理器在我們28納米技術上成功製造,是中芯國際不斷提升在國際晶圓代工領域競爭力的一大里程碑。」中芯國際首席執行官兼執行董事邱慈雲博士表示,「在六個月的共同工作中,中芯與 Qualcomm Technologies 的合作一直是加速28納米技術研發並達成這一重要里程碑的關鍵所在。我們28納米工藝的成熟,可為 Qualcomm Technologies 和全球客戶提供技術支持,將成為中芯國際長期的成長驅動力。」

Qualcomm Technologies 執行副總裁兼 QCT 聯席總裁 Murthy Renduchintala 表示:「我們非常高興與中芯國際的合作取得如此巨大的進展,驍龍410處理器的成功生產是28納米晶圓製造合作的關鍵里程碑。中芯國際在 Qualcomm Technologies 的供應鏈中扮演著十分重要的角色,雙方的合作使我們擴大了在中國芯片生產的規模,從而更好地滿足本土及全球市場的客戶對於高性能、低功耗移動終端不斷增長的需求。」


中芯國際集成電路製造有限公司(「中芯國際」,紐交所代號:SMI,港交所股份代號:981),是世界領先的集成電路晶圓代工企業之一,也是中國內 地規模最大、技術最先進的集成電路晶圓代工企業。中芯國際向全球客戶提供0.35微米到28納米晶圓代工與技術服務。中芯國際總部位於上海,在上海建有一座300mm 晶圓廠和一座200mm 超大規模晶圓廠;在北京建有一座300mm 超大規模晶圓廠,一座控股的300mm 先進製程晶圓廠正在開發中;在天津和深圳各建有一座200mm 晶圓廠。中芯國際還在美國、歐洲、日本和台灣地區設立營銷辦事處、提供客戶服務,同時在香港設立了代表處。詳細信息請參考中芯國際網站www.smics.com




關於Qualcomm Incorporated

Qualcomm Incorporated(NASDAQ:QCOM)是全球3G、4G與下一代無線技術的領軍企業,包括技術許可業務(QTL)和其絕大部分的專利組合。Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.,(QTI)為 Qualcomm 的全資子公司,與其子公司一起運營 Qualcomm 所有的工程、研發活動以及所有產品和服務業務,其中包括其半導體業務QCT。25年多來,Qualcomm 的創想和創新推動了數字通信的演進,將各地的人們與信息、娛樂和彼此之間更緊密地聯繫在一起。欲瞭解更多信息,請訪問 Qualcomm 的網站博客微博

「QualcommR」、和「驍龍」是 Qualcomm Incorporated 的商標,已在美國和其他國家和地區註冊。Qualcomm 驍龍處理器是 Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.的產品。

Qualcomm 媒體聯絡:





(根據 1995 私人有價證券訴訟改革法案)

本文件可能載有(除歷史資料外)依據美國一九九五年私人有價證券訴訟改革法案「安全港」條文所界定的「前瞻性陳述」。該等前瞻性陳述乃基於中芯國際 對未來事件的現行假設、期望及預測。中芯國際使用「相信」、「預期」、「計劃」、「估計」、「預計」、「預測」及類似表述為該等前瞻性陳述之標識,但並非所有前瞻性陳述均包含上述字眼。該等前瞻性陳述乃反映中芯國際高級管理層根據最佳判斷作出的估計,存在重大已知及未知的風險、不確定性以及其它可能導致中芯國際實際業績、財務狀況或經營結果與前瞻性陳述所載資料有重大差異的因素,包括(但不限於)與半導體行業週期及市況有關風險、激烈競爭、中芯國際客戶能否及時接受晶圓產品、能否及時引進新技術、中芯國際量產新產品的能力、半導體代工服務供求情況、行業產能過剩、設備、零件及原材料短缺、製造產能供給、終端市場的金融情況是否穩定和高科技巿場常見的知識產權訴訟。

除本文件所載的資料外,閣下亦應考慮本公司向證券交易委員會呈報的其它存盤所載的資料,包括本公司於二零一四年四月十四日隨表格20-F向證券交易 委員會呈報的年報,尤其是「風險因素」一節,以及本公司不時向證券交易委員會或香港聯交所呈報的其它文件(包括表格6-K)。其它未知或未能預測的因素亦 可能會對本公司的未來業績、表現或成就造成重大不利影響。鑒於該等風險、不確定性、假設及因素,本檔所討論的前瞻性事件可能不會發生。閣下務請小心,不應當依賴該等前瞻性陳述,有關前瞻性陳述僅就該日期所述者發表,倘並無註明日期,則就本文件刊發日期發表。

Spacious, Reasonable And Gorgeous Office Space

Spacious, Reasonable And Gorgeous Office Space

Developing ventures hastily is one of the logic behind why you pay consultants to work on your personal behalf. For the reason that the industry professionals should understand the concerns concerning certain characteristics of the obstacle, they can save effort and additionally perform the job beforehand. Influencing great results once in a while enchants these two businesses and even promotes…

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Izabella Kaminska is journalist/blogger I follow at FT Alphaville and her personal blog because she is an original thinker and hates gold (I’m not interested in gold haters with clichéd thoughts). Her work is demanding often because she is several steps ahead and I’m scrambling to catch up, often it is because she makes logic jumps that are evident in her mind but could do with more exposition, but sometimes she is just wrong.