Finally found a scanner big enough to scan this piece (yay!)

Had a week before school started to try to finish my to-do-list, and one of them is to start painting again. This was based on a concept art from Rise of the Guardians, done in acrylic on an A3 watercolor paper (bcos there wasn’t any other paper lying around), in a smoother version of Van Gogh’s style.

 I probably just wanted to paint night skies haha :)

Krita quick access ring problem solved

Since I’ve updated my copy of Krita to 2.9, the presets in my quick access ring seem to have been frozen, but I finally dug up the solution by scanning the files. I found and removed a file called kis_paintoppresets_tags.xml that fixed my previous selections in place, and made them impossible to remove or change. For a while, I was confounded because a completely separate file called kritarc also kept a list of my presets. This was a red herring; even after changing the selections, the old list remains in kritarc. So this must be an outdated configuration line.

Anyway, the problem seems to have stemmed from a significant change in the way the access ring works. The original idea was that you have a set number of slots in the ring for tools (brushes, presets, whatever you want to call them). Now you can create multiple batches of tools which you can quickly switch into those slots by tagging the tools to your heart’s delight.

This is, officially, freaking fantastic! The set number of tool slots was a limitation–previously, I could only use the slots for my cartooning tools, but if I wanted to paint I would have to go to the big, messy list of ALL tools and go searching for the paint tools I want to use. Now I can tag the cartooning tools as such, tag some tools for blending, and so on. Bring up the quick access ring, and the tag set can be quickly selected by clicking on the bottom right corner.

This configuration solves a major complaint by users that the brush presets docker didn’t provide any method for sorting or saving favorite tools. Adding that ability to the quick access ring was a stroke o’ genius.

So anyway, near as I can tell, the old file which set the rigid presets conflicted with the new system. I got rid of it then opened Krita and found a clean quick access ring, which offered the advice that presets could only be included in the ring through tagging. You tag the presets by clicking on them in the brush preset docker.

This effectively makes the quick access ring an unlimited number of quick access rings. How nifty!

Last minute thought: For all I know, the problem might have been solved simply by tagging some brushes (presets) in the first place. I didn’t know that’s how the new quick access ring worked, though, and I hadn’t yet bothered tagging anything.

Starter Practice ( Closed for Mika)

On a cold tile floor, a small boy began to stir in his sleep. A dull ache was pervading his entire body, and the bright sterile light from above was gradually rousing him out of unconsciousness. Hiromi attempted to sit up slowly, squinting against the harsh light, but he was hit with a wave of nausea and a sharp headache almost immediately. Hiromi rolled over to his knees and slowly stood up, shakily making a grab for the table nearby to help support his weight. Where is he? Hiromi spent a few moments leaning forward against the table until he cautiously opened his eyes and found that his eyes had finally adjusted. When he scanned his surroundings, he found that he was in an bland, white-walled room with a single wooden table, and one wooden door. The strangest thing about this room, however, was the girl laying on the floor against the far wall. He hadn’t seen her before, but now that he has, he began to feel dread building in his stomach- he’s never seen this girl before in his life. What is she doing here? What is he doing here? Where is here?

There were so many questions swirling around in his mind that it took him a couple minutes to notice the single white envelope laying in the center of the wooden table. Hiromi stretched himself across the surface and grabbed it, dragging it closer to himself. He read the names “ Hiromi Ando” and “Mika Hachimitsu” scrawled across the front in what appears to be red ink. Hiromi glanced over to Mika and then decided to go ahead and rip the letter open as she sleeps.

Hiromi read over the letter swiftly, eager to figure out what’s happening here. The last thing he remembered was entering the lobby of Hope’s Peak- and now, he’s stuck in something called… a “mutual killing life” according to the letter… Hiromi frowned when the bottom of the letter mentioned that he’d have to locate a key to exit the room. Where the fuck would the key be…?

Hiromi couldn’t decide if he should go ahead and escape the room and leave the other girl here.. or if they should work together….

Finally, Hiromi found himself walking over to her slowly. He lowers himself down onto one knee and puts a hand on her shoulder and begins shaking her gently.

“ Hey.. wake the fuck up..! “ he hisses softly, as if someone or something, may hear him.


I finally found clear scans of the Animedia thing…but should I translate it? Nobody seems to read it after all…and if nobody cares I might as well not waste 3 hours to do the damn thing. It’s just one of my depressive episodes again, but…should I really do it?