Klaus sensed her before he saw her turning his head he spotted her in the same second Caroline was gone.
He raced to her trailing her scent until finally he caught up to her catching her by her waist and pulling her to him.
“What are you doing here?” he asked with a growing smile that quickly matched the smugness in his eyes.
“Exploring the city,” she said easily shaking away from his grasp with a smile from her cheeks.

— gooddame

Please, please, please.


Finally caught up on last week’s ep of Reign and curse you, writers, for screwing up the one remaining functional couple. 

Though only on this show would the wife be ‘I am such an idiot to be jealous of you and your half-sister’ and the correct response would be ‘well, they used to be lovers, so makes sense’ and not ‘wtf, lady, are you insane?’


Sterek AU: It’s been… god knows how many days since the apocalypse and Derek is tired. They’ve been living on the road, scavenging for what little food they can find and fighting for their lives every god damn day. The only thing that’s kept Derek going has been the constant presence of Stiles by his side. The only reason he gets up in the morning is because Stiles annoys him awake, and the only way he can sleep at night is knowing that Stiles is watching out for him. The apocalypse has taken everything from him, but he’ll be damned if he lets it take Stiles.