There was once a fish who was placed in a tank by itself. It swam along merrily for months. But it never grew any bigger. Puzzled, the fish farmer, or whatever the hell you call the guy, decided he needed to change it up. So inside the tank he put a Piranha, or I dunno, some other very violent fish like a Piranha, to join the little fish. What do you think happened? The little fish began to swim around the tank with all its might, trying as hard as it could to escape the Piranha’s razor sharp teeth. It was a sight to see I’m sure! And for two days, the fish did just that, it constantly worked its tail off. And what do you think happened? That little fish thrived. It grew! That fish grew more in those two days than it did the entire previous month. And you know why? The Piranha was just what it needed to reinvigorate and grow. A few days later the Piranha finally caught up with the little fish and it floated lifelessly to the top of the tank, but hey, what’s a fish farm for if you’re not going to kill some fish, am I right? Haha…
—  on the importance of competition, excerpt of The All Hands Meeting, from Novum
I'm Done

So I finally watched the latest episode of Reign and I can’t stand it anymore. Everything on the show is so ridiculous and it makes me so mad watching episodes lately. It makes me so sad to see how the writers have destroyed such an amazing show. During the first season I would be so excited to watch the next episode, I would make my dad watch it that night no matter what because we watch together. Now though I let weeks and weeks go by before finally getting caught up because it doesn’t bring me the same joy. Though a big part of it is due to everything with Mary and Francis, I probably would have kept watching if Kenna and Bash were happy because I love them as a couple as well but now they are messing with them too, so it’s like what is the point of watching anymore. There is not one single happy person on the show and that is why I can’t bare to watch it anymore.


Sterek AU: It’s been… god knows how many days since the apocalypse and Derek is tired. They’ve been living on the road, scavenging for what little food they can find and fighting for their lives every god damn day. The only thing that’s kept Derek going has been the constant presence of Stiles by his side. The only reason he gets up in the morning is because Stiles annoys him awake, and the only way he can sleep at night is knowing that Stiles is watching out for him. The apocalypse has taken everything from him, but he’ll be damned if he lets it take Stiles.