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cupcakecreeper asked:

One of my fave things about your writing style (particularly From the Ashes) is how well you can hint at a twist without completely giving it away. Like you throw in enough clues to unsettle the reader and allude to a bigger picture,

the climax reveals the truth and then it just ends, complete yet open.


That’s honestly one of my biggest worries when writing fics. I’m so addicted to ironic plot twists, but knowing the twist and writing the twist are such different things. Like it’s a constant game of second-guessing and self-doubt when I’m trying to figure out how/where to drop hints about the bigger picture. I waffle so much between “This is way too obvious the readers are going to be thinking ‘no duh’ when the reveal hits” to “This is way too low key it’s just gonna look like a random twist i pulled out of my ass”

As someone who knows the twist ahead of time, it’s always way hard to tell what balance of hints and info is right

I need someone to yell at me to study for my chemistry final. It’s my last one, I have 0 motivation.


So last year Nogizaka 46 sang Tsuki no Ookisa, which was Naruto Shippuden’s 14th opening. When a Naruto mascot came to greet them, one member, Ikoma Rina, cried out of happiness because she’s apparently a huge fan of Naruto.


Yuzuru Hanyu + Worlds 2013-15 - Playing with Pooh