for about 5 months, i have been busy… very busy… with a team, designing, defining and getting together my new:


i will begin a countdown very soon until the date and exact time the website is launched!

unfortunately i cant tell you what the name is and all that other stuff because its all still getting finalised! im so excited.. oH p.s i will be starting with only girls clothing but mens clothes are on the way.. i promise !

world wide shipping and alot of other things.. stay tunes my loves x

French govt finalises Dexia guarantee bill

A finance ministry source said the law will call for France to guarantee up to 33 billion euros ($45 billion) in interbank and bond borrowing by Dexia and its Dexia Credit Local unit which provided the municipal government loans.Dexia guarantees will be provided at market rates, said the source, speaking on condition of anonymity.That is in line with a cross-border rescue plan announced on Monday, which involves a financing guarantee of 90 billion euros in all, of which 60.5 percent is to be provided by Belgium, 36.5 percent by France and 3 percent by Luxembourg.The French bill also clears the way for French state bank Caisse Des Depots, which is taking over Dexia Credit Local’s French lending business and will also guarantee 10 billion euros in local authority loans made by Dexia Municipal Agency (DexMa), the bond issuing unit of DCL.This guarantee, the ministry source said, focuses on some of risky, or possibly “toxic”, structured loans and would cover losses exceeding 500 million euros, with the French state taking 70 percent of such losses and Dexia the other 30 percent, according to the source.Dexia is sole guarantor on losses up to that threshold of 500 million euros, the source said.The plans will have no impact on the public deficit, the source added.In parallel, Dexia and Caisse des Depots are discussing who would take any losses incurred on a separate but less risky portfolio of local authority loans totalling some 70 billion euros not covered by the overall rescue plan, the source said. ($1 = 0.733 Euros)

Here a How To Train Your Dragon fanart - with a modern take. Astrid may look girly, but she’s still not one you’d like to piss off (unless you’re Hiccup). This particular sketch was sitting on my laptop for a good number of years, you may recognise it from my commission banner, but here, it’s been finalised and coloured in.

Car Crash
  • Car Crash
  • Courtney Love
  • Nobody's Daughter (Demo Edition)

the demo version of nobody’s daughter had some really good songs on it and i always thought it was a shame this wasn’t put into the finalised album

Wednesday: Homemade sourdough wholemeal fougasse 🍂with caprese salad and espresso. #symmetrybreakfast #breakfast #symmetry #fougasse #caprese #homemade #sourdough #coffee #espresso #autumn #fall #london #hackney #londonfields #eastlondon So we have finalised our next holiday plans. I need suggestions for breakfasts in… Rotterdam, Delft, Beijing and Tokyo! 🇫🇷🇨🇳🇯🇵✈️

anonymous said:

Dispatch caught Jessica arriving at Incheon from New York at 4am with Tyler Kwon. They're totally a couple. More marriage rumours coming out. Apparently Jessica has been neglecting SNSD activities to focus on BLANC and getting into a fashion school in NYC, which pissed of management and the other girls. I think she has been booted out, but she told everyone via Weibo before it was finalised and SM had written a press release for it.

WHATS THE FUCKING PROBLEM WITH HER WANTING TO DO HER OWN ACTIVITIES? sooyoung and yoona are always acting on dramas because they like to act , tts are promoting because they like to sing so whats the problem of her wanting to do what she likes??? she is not neglecting snsd activities please sm

For you I was
a flame;
burn bright
you’re not shy
to confirm that
you like
me, you like
what you see
but you don’t
know me-
and does it matter
if we’re falling
if I’m learning
to open
not just my
body but my
to someone else
that this love
won’t last
like this
what is forever
a very long time-
too long to
count, to finalise
infinite, unlike
our lives
and when I tell you
I will love you
what I mean is
even after the ashes
are black, the gold embers
have ceased to dance
in the breeze
I will be
loving you-
did I tell you
that I’m somebody
who can’t let go?
once I love you
I am enthralled, I can’t
stop, I can’t
leave unless
you push me
and this is your cue
to ensure me
that you won’t leave
and I know you have a different view
and fuck it, that pains me
trying not to think, to imagine
a life without you
in it- don’t
fuck yourself up, please
sil vous plait, stay
with me
I may be a mess
but I’m a hot one-
cold hands, warm heart
the red wetness of blood
is a comfort when
I’m not sure
if I’m alive or
just drifting- I’m lacking
feeling, I’m just
a body trapped
in inertia, wanting
MORE than I can chew
and living in
tired of repentance, let me
without this hollow hurt
in my chest
aching with the knowledge
that I’m more scared
than I could ever
but my fears
are intangible, there is no
prevention for
loss- the rise and the fall
the inevitable blow, everything
ends one day
but can you guarantee

I have a wordstream
instead of a bloodstream
but that suits me



Just a preview of the all-in-one i’ve been working on. This is not a finalised version.

I’m having to rebuild it since the whole build is messed up :( So i’ll probably change a lot of things along the way. 

But i really like how it looks at the moment. 

It’s something i’ve really poured my feelings into and find solace in. I modeled it after a little dream condo/apartment for my boyfriend and I, something i hope to have with him by the end of January. Being in an LDR, sometimes it feels like all i have are my dreams of the things we’ll one day have. 

p.s yes the colours in the screenies are kind of messed up.