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The top 9 tracks for today are…

#SBSPopAsiaBIGBANGLoser - Loser

#SBSPopAsiaBIGBANGBaeBae - Bae Bae

#SBSPopAsiaBTS - I Need U

#SBSPopAsiaRedVelvet - Ice Cream Cake

#SBSPopAsiaBASTARZ - Zero For Conduct

#SBSPopAsiaEXID - Ah Yeah

#SBSPopAsiaEXO - Call Me Baby

#SBSPopAsiamissA - Only You


Last night #1 - BIGBANG - Loser


French govt finalises Dexia guarantee bill

A finance ministry source said the law will call for France to guarantee up to 33 billion euros ($45 billion) in interbank and bond borrowing by Dexia and its Dexia Credit Local unit which provided the municipal government loans.Dexia guarantees will be provided at market rates, said the source, speaking on condition of anonymity.That is in line with a cross-border rescue plan announced on Monday, which involves a financing guarantee of 90 billion euros in all, of which 60.5 percent is to be provided by Belgium, 36.5 percent by France and 3 percent by Luxembourg.The French bill also clears the way for French state bank Caisse Des Depots, which is taking over Dexia Credit Local’s French lending business and will also guarantee 10 billion euros in local authority loans made by Dexia Municipal Agency (DexMa), the bond issuing unit of DCL.This guarantee, the ministry source said, focuses on some of risky, or possibly “toxic”, structured loans and would cover losses exceeding 500 million euros, with the French state taking 70 percent of such losses and Dexia the other 30 percent, according to the source.Dexia is sole guarantor on losses up to that threshold of 500 million euros, the source said.The plans will have no impact on the public deficit, the source added.In parallel, Dexia and Caisse des Depots are discussing who would take any losses incurred on a separate but less risky portfolio of local authority loans totalling some 70 billion euros not covered by the overall rescue plan, the source said. ($1 = 0.733 Euros)

Please say I’m not the only one who still thinks dan and Phil don’t want to to go to New York. Sure they look happy in the photo but when they were talking about it last night it seemed they really didn’t want to go. I’m not saying they don’t want to go to America because they probs do its just the timing was totally wrong. They just got back from Japan they have a book to finalise they already feel like crap for not uploading much when they went to Japan (also helped when the fans yelled at them and called them names for not uploading much in Japan well done fans ) their radio show is in two weeks. It’s rumoured they have been to London YouTube hq already since they got back from Japan. They need a fucking break.


Yay! Here they are! These are the dolls I will list for sale on Etsy at 10pm tomorrow 18 April (Hobart, Australia time). There are 15 new creations to be listed individually, and also 2 pairs of sisters to be re-listed from the last group (the orders had to be cancelled). Find me on Etsy through the ‘store’ tab at

I’ve had fun playing around with some different shoe styles this time around, adding socks and soles to the oogoo boots with Sugru. And my mum has outdone herself with the detailed pockets and range of styles in the clothes! She has been extra busy with non-doll-related stuff lately so I am extra appreciative of her hard work this time around. Thanks Mummy!

I will be finalising the prices in the morning and will list the price range on the Etsy shop when I’m done. Have a lovely weekend!

Skrtel has said he will NOT be leaving Liverpool.

Skrtel has categorically put the rumours to bed by declaring: “I am not leaving anywhere. Not to Wolfsburg nor to Naples.” His agent has confirmed that a contract extension talks are ongoing and he is set to put pen to paper soon. 

Skrtel’s agent, Karol Csonto, also confirmed there had been no contact from the Wolfsburg.

He said: “The only offer which is lying on Martin Skrtel’s table right now is the extension of his contract from Liverpool.
“We have been working on the details, and we will be finalising it soon.
“It is not true that he has some offer from the German club. I don’t know anything even about their interest.”

After MONTHS, the final character in the main character cast of my upcoming webcomic has been finalised! She was such trouble designing! But here they are!





Boating Crazy

A week after Mark’s accident Lea had gotten word from their insurance company that Mark was getting a pretty big payout for his bike and his injuries and with that she had gone and done the one thing that she was hoping would make him happy. A boat. She knew that it wasn’t a bike but it was a lot safer and she had to do something that could make him happy and give him that rush of adrenaline that he needed. After the sale was finalised she made sure to get it delivered not long after she would be getting home that day. 

On her way there she had picked up some dinner from his favourite restaurant and headed on home with ten minutes to spare before the boat would arrive. Pulling into the house she got out of the car armed with the bags and smiled as she saw Chloe and Sheila. “Hey babe.” She called out as she walked into the house and took everything into the kitchen. “I got your favourites.” She said as she got plates out to dish everything up.

PFMD News/Teaser

Ugh, I’m so terribly sorry, but I’m putting a temporary hold on the updating of Please F*ck My Dad chapters. 

I’ll still be writing this fic, I’m still madly in love with this fic, but getting out a chapter a week is stressing me out, so I’ll continue writing it but I want to be at least four chapters ahead before I start posting chapters again.

Don’t be discouraged if you see me posting other fics, though. There are a couple of one-shots I’ve been working on, as I normally do, that are nearing completion. Me finalising them does not mean that I’ve given up on PFMD because I haven’t and I never will. 

I hope to keep you all interested with:

  • the final part of Hawthorn Boys’ College
  • the final part of Nothing’s Carl-Proof
  • the final part of The Inspiration (porn for Gardenofblueroses)
  • The Ad (porn for Merrabeth)
  • Hunter (angsty death fic)


For now, I’ll leave you with a teaser for the next chapter:

And it finally looked like Yev was about to tell Mickey what it was that was on his mind when the shit hit the fan. “Dad, I need to tell you — is that a hickey?”

Mickey’s first reaction was apparently the wrong one. He clasped a hand to the side of his neck, the right side since that was the side Yev could see from his point of view for the first time that day, and that told Yev everything Mickey didn’t want him to know. “What?”

“Oh my God!” the boy exclaimed. “It is!”

“I never said that.”

“No, because you should’ve said ‘well no, son, it’s not a hickey because I haven’t had anyone sucking on my neck lately’,” Yev poorly imitated his father’s voice. “The fact that you didn’t say that tells me that you’ve recently had someone sucking on your neck.”


“Did you have sex?”

Fucking shit.

Four ways Kanan found out that Hera could sing


It was like a flood had been let loose in Hera; since the arrival of their daughter - and since the sheer panic and worry and ohfuckohfuckohfuck had worn off - Kanan learned something new about his captain every day. Stories she had never shared before, told in a lilting whisper to the tiny bundle strapped to her chest as she finalised jump points. All of her favourite little things on Ryloth, snatches of happy memories that had been hidden for so long (save the rest for later, introduce her to the good before raising the bad). Hera’s r’s  rolling that little more, her vowels elongating as her native accent overrode her acquired outer rim accent.

Never moreso than when she sang. Hera sings. She sings. All this time, and Kanan never knew. She had hummed, in frustration or absentmindedly or chasing a nightmare. Singing was an entirely new development. Smoky and low, the ryl words pouring out and wrapping around him, filling the cockpit with specters of a lost world.

Kanan held her extra close that night, legs around his waist as they sat on their bunk. Determinedly but gently tickling her neck with his beard as he whispered for her to sing again, just for him. She will, but only if he’s the one to get up and see to the child when she wakes up in the night.


The intel had gotten to them too late, the camp already under attack as they sat, idly, waiting for the coordinates to be confirmed. Another blow to the straggling remnants of Ryloth, free no longer.

As the crew picked through the smouldering remains, a tearing gasping breath came from under the shredded remains of a crate. Hera scrabbled desperately, silently to reveal a Twi’lek woman, more ash than flesh. Unknown to her, but familiar mother cousin aunt. Taking care to avoid the charred flesh, Hera took the dying woman’s head in her lap. Too far gone, there was nothing that could be done. Gently stroking the base of her lekku as the crew watched on, Hera began to hum softly, faltering notes soon forming words soothing and sweet. A living piece of home in an alien place of death; she sang a song passed on by her mother and by her mother.

Before the second verse was done, the woman let out a final sigh. Gone.

That night, Kanan found Hera in the cockpit. Why should she sleep when there was so much work to be done? Together they sat in silence for the longest time, staring. Into the void of space, the silence deafening. Until, so low he’s not sure he’s sensing it or hearing it, she started to sing. The words sweeping and soothing, though he did not entirely understand it. When she sang her last, Hera squeezed Kanan’s hand and returned to sitting in comfortable, contemplative silence. Until the morning yells came from Zeb and Ezra’s room.


Ripped from dreams of gunfire and death and run, Kanan woke up to hands gently carding through his hair and a lullaby in his ear. It was just a nightmare, he’s fine, everyone’s fine, Master Billaba -  but no. The barely audible words were unknown to him; not basic - Ryl? Green hands soothing his aching head instead of brown.

He was lying face down on the sofa in the Ghost’s lounge. He didn’t remember getting there; he did remember a desperate need to drown the past. It didn’t work. It never worked. Hera, sitting on the floor next to him, met his eye with an understanding smile that didn’t reach her eyes. Her fingers faltered but she didn’t drop a note, continuing her song until he drifted back to an uneasy sleep.

They never spoke of the incident, but that was the last time Kanan passed out in a drunken stupour. (He would have taken Hera’s singing as a substitute to keep the nightmares at bay, but that probably would have been a breach of their agreement.)

(She sang for him again several years later.)


Peace and quiet reigned at last on the Ghost. Kanan had swept the rest of crew off to run errands, buy supplies. Hera had begged off, citing repairs that urgently needed her attention. Truthfully, she need to be alone. She loved her crew - her family - but there were times that she missed when the ship was her ship.

The tanks were full, water was hot and no squabbling queue to use the ‘fresher. She was going to indulge and luxuriate in a shower that lasted longer than five minutes. Stepping into the deliciously scalding water, it wasn’t long before the tension was seeping out of her bones and a song bubbling out of her lungs. Strong and wilful, the Ryl rolling from the bottom of her belly as she let loose as she hadn’t let herself in so long, reverberating through the fresher.

Skin beginning to wrinkle and  having sung through all of the loudest and most defiant songs that she could think of, she turned the cooling water off and stepped out of the stall. She must have nearly gone through the entire tank. Oops. Still humming - a bawdy cantina number that her father had once caught her singing and no she definitely didn’t know where she heard it or what it means honestly daddy - she moved to wrap a towel around herself. Brushing water from the length of her lekku, and coming face to face with a broadly grinning Jedi leaning against the ‘fresher door.

Before he could say whatever witty remark he had ready, she flung the damp towel at his face and retreated back into the shower stall, turning the water back on. Daring him to follow her into the cool water.

anonymous asked:

Prompt: Where the hell did everything go wrong? (Hawkeye, please? Maybe he's the reader's ex-husband?)

It had been four months since the separation of you and Clint and the divorce was almost final. There was still paperwork to fill out but only a few more signatures and your husband of three years would be your ex husband. It was sad and it hurt you so much to do this but… it just wasn’t working.

His job was dangerous and it was something that you never liked - you were happy and proud that he was doing what he loved and was saving people every day - but it was the constant worrying that maybe he wouldn’t come home tonight that shot your marriage.

Clint had been staying at Tony’s for the last few months until everything was finalised and had given you your shared home. You sighed, pouring yourself another glass of wine, and sat on your couch staring at the photos around you. You still loved him. You really did but that wasn’t enough, was it?

A knock on the door interrupted you from your thoughts. You didn’t bother to check who it was and instead swung the door open, revealing a very dishevelled looking Clint Barton, “Clint…” You’d barely spoken to him over the past month or two so you hadn’t seen him in a long time.

“Can I come in?” He asked. He looked broken.

You silently moved aside and shut the door behind him. He sat on the couch, at his usual spot, and you stood in front of him, not really sure what to do, what to say or where to go.

Clint spoke first, “Where the hell did everything go wrong?” His head was in his hands, “We were - we are perfect for each other and yet, this is what it’s come to? What happened?”

Your heart broke again as you watched him, the man you loved, break down in front of you, “I don’t know,” You admitted quietly as you sat down beside him, “I really don’t know.”

“Was it me?”

“No, it wasn’t you, Clint.”

“But my job… You hated the stress…”

“It wasn’t your fault.”

He looked you, really looked at you, he soaked in every detail, “You got your hair cut.” He mumbled, hand extending to twirl a piece of the shorter hair around his finger.

You almost laughed, “No one else noticed besides you. Of course you’d notice.”

“I’ve got the eyes of a hawk.” Clint scoffed and it almost seemed like things were normal. You lapsed into silence, thinking about happier times, “I still love you, (y/n).”

You nodded, “I still love you, too.”

He turned to you, eyes ablaze with hope, “Love should be enough, (y/n). We can make this work. It’s hard but if we really love each other then we should be willing to try.”


He cut you off, “I didn’t fight for you. I didn’t support you enough. You didn’t support me like you should’ve either. We’re both at fault for this. But if you love me, please let’s try this again. If it doesn’t work then it’s really over but I believe in us; I believe that we can work through this.”

You opened your mouth, heart racing and head spinning, before telling him your final answer.


English version [Link]

Comme l’année dernière, j’ai participé au challenge des 12h de la bd de Kejhia, sauf que cette fois-ci je n’ai vraiment pas réussi le challenge. J’ai commencée cette bd la 4h avant la fin du challenge, avec l’aide de ma scenariste habituelle Morgan. Mais comme j’aimais cette bd et que j’y prenais plaisir, j’ai décidé de la finaliser et de prendre le temps de la dessiner correctement et de l’encrer. On peut dire que j’ai vraiment pris mon temps puisque le challenge a eut lieu il y a quasiment 3 mois de cela, mais bon.

Dans tous les cas, j’espère que vous apprecierez ce one shot, et si vous aimez le fleuriste, vous serez content d’apprendre qu’il est le personnage principal d’un autre one shot sur lequel je suis en train de travailler.

Suikoden Day 2015 Competition Information:

All entries for the following competitions may be submitted from November 11 to November 16, 2015. This six day time period is given so that entrants will have ample time to prepare and to finalise their entries. Prizes will be announced as soon as possible.

General Competition Rules:

All entries must be sent to the Suikoden Day email address: and must use the following form.

Entry Form Layout:

Competition Category:
Title:(the title of your work or character name for cosplay)
Comments:(a few words about your entry. What inspired you and why? What did you use to create it? For cosplays, how much of it was made yourself? Comments here can benefit your Workmanship score.)
Posting the entry:(choose either: Upload on my behalf OR I will upload myself)

Note: A contestant may enter as many competitions as they like, but may enter only one piece of work for each. General rules as follows:

  • Competitions are open to all Suikoden fans from anywhere around the world.
  • Entrants are agreeing to their work being posted to all Suikoden Day social media accounts. Bear in mind we will ALWAYS credit you, so provide links with your entry if you’d like us to redirect fans to where they can find more of your work.
  • If you would like to post it on Facebook, you are allowed to do so, as long as it is uploaded correctly. If not, we will be the ones to post it in your place (some people are touchy about privacy, so we respect that). Please just tell us in your e-mail if you will post it on Facebook by yourself or not.
  • Barring any unforeseen circumstances beyond the Organizer’s control, the announcement will be given two to three weeks after Suikoden Day.
  • The entry with the best scorefor each category shall be awarded, as well as one consolation prize.
  • All entries will be sent to both Konami Japan, Europe, and North America. It’s about time we show our love to the wonderful creators of the game!
  • Lastly, if the two winners (first prize and second prize) wish to do so, they may talk about it and exchange some of their prizes with each other. This has happened in previous years, so we leave it up to the winners to talk about what they want. Take note that both parties need to agree to this and inform us right away.

Cosplay Competition:

  • Each entry MUST be sent to as a JPEG file. Contestants must fill out the Competition Entry Form in the e-mail. If possible, include a short description of why you chose to cosplay that character.
  • Contestants must cosplay any character from the Suikoden franchise. Be creative! You can make use of any material for your costume (just as long as it isn’t something illegal! =p).
  • Contestants must take a picture of him/her wearing the costume. Entry must be a single image file, but may be edited to contain multiple images of close ups/details. Try to show off the best parts of your creation!
  • ONE entry per person. However, an entrant may enter both Cosplay and Group Cosplay.

Entries will be judged based on the following criteria:

10pt for Creativity: Effort put in, details
10pt for Presentation: Overall impact/style, pose
10pt for Workmanship: Accuracy, materials used, your own work
5pt for Difficulty: Bonus points based on the difficulty of the cosplay.
TOTAL: 35 points

Fan Art Competition:

  • All forms of art are accepted, from digital to traditional, sculpture to embroidery! Show us your Suikoden creations!
  • Each entry MUST be sent to as a JPEG file. Contestants must fill out the Competition Entry Form in the e-mail. If possible, include a short description of what you chose to create, why, and the materials you used.
  • Only one entry (picture) per person. Entry must be a single image file, but may be edited to contain multiple images of close ups/details. Try to show off the best parts of your creation!

Entries will be judged based on the following criteria:

10pt for Originality: Creativity, materials used etc.
10pt for Presentation: Overall impact and style
10pt for Workmanship: Technical ability and quality
TOTAL: 30 points

Fan Fiction Competition:

  • Entrants must create a fan fiction no longer than 3000 words and no shorter than 1000 words (excluding extras like the title and description). The fanfic can include any characters or locations from the Suikoden world (including Tierkreis!).
  • Original characters are welcome. Just remember the focus of the work is Suikoden!
  • All material must have suitable content and must not exceed a T rating. Keep it clean. Anything beyond a T rating will not be considered.
  • Each entry MUST be sent to as a .DOC file. Contestants must fill out the Competition Entry Form in the e-mail.

Entries will be judged based on the following criteria:

10pt for Believability: Convincing characterisation/events
10pt for Effect: Overall flow and emotional effect
10pt for Workmanship: Technical aspects (grammar, spelling, structure)
5pt for Originality: bonus points for presenting new/interesting ideas
TOTAL: 35 points

Group Cosplay Competition:

  • Each entry MUST be sent to as a JPEG file. Contestants must fill out the Competition Entry Form in the e-mail. If possible, include a short description of why you chose to cosplay that character.
  • Contestants must cosplay any of the characters from the Suikoden franchise. Be creative! You can make use of any material for your costume (just as long as it isn’t something illegal! =p).
  • Contestants must take a picture of them wearing the costumes. Entry must be a single image file, but may be edited to contain multiple images of close ups/details. Try to show off the best parts of your creation!
  • ONE entry per person – they may not enter in two separate groups. An entrant may enter both Cosplay and Group Cosplay, but only once per category.

Entries will be judged based on the following criteria:

10pt for Workmanship: Quality of costumes
10pt for Presentation: Overall impact/style, poses, photography
10pt for Group Concept: Effect of having the cosplays together (characters, scene etc)  
TOTAL: 30 points

And that’s it! Prizes to be announced as soon as we can. Main changes from last year include Group Cosplay as a main competition and new Fan Fiction judging criteria. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us here on Tumblr, or via Facebook or email :)

For updates on what’s happening with Suikoden Day as well as the Suikoden Fandom, follow us here on Tumblr, and like our main Facebook page: Suikoden Day Headquarters
Main event page: Suikoden Day 2015  

We hope you participate! ^-^