Tara: *Still doesn’t know about Noah and Aiden’s death*

Tara: *Still doesn’t know about Nicholas leaving Glenn, Noah, and Aiden to die*

Tara: *Still doesn’t know about what Eugene did to save her*

Tara: *Still doesn’t know about Eugene becoming Superman in general*

Tara: *Still doesn’t know about Gabriel backstabbing team family*

Tara: *Still doesn’t know about Rick’s meltdown in front of the entire town*

Tara: *Still doesn’t know about Nicholas shooting Glenn*

Tara: *Still doesn’t know about Maggie having to stop Sasha from shooting Gabriel*

Tara: *Still doesn’t know about the walkers that got through the gate because of Gabriel*

Tara: *Still doesn’t know about Morgan*

Tara: *Still doesn’t know about Pete killing Deanna’s husband*

Tara: *Still doesn’t know about Deanna letting Rick kill Pete*

Tara: *Still doesn’t know about pretty much everything tbh*

Tara during the premiere of season 6 probably:

So to recap my thoughts on the finale:

Beginning of the episode with MORGAN!

Carol calling Rick sunshine and telling him how it is

Daryl and Aaron trapped in the car surrounded by walkers, then Daryl offering to run for it

Carol threatening Pete like a bamf

Nicholas almost mother fucking killing Glenn

Morgan saving Daryl and Aaron’s asses

Gabriel being an A grade dick throughout the whole episode

The Wolves finding Alexandria’s pictures

Reg being killed by Pete

Deanna telling Rick to kill him

Credits rolling and no Caryl moments

Does anyone else feel surprisingly content after that finale? I mean, everyone is together (even Morgan is back!), no one’s life is hanging in the balance at this moment (Tara regained consciousness!), the internal threat, albeit a weak one, of Pete is taken care of. I don’t know, maybe I’m still in a Richonne-induced state of euphoria and I’m forgetting some important things. Or maybe they’re just gonna punch us in the gut with the first episode of season 6, who knows. Thoughts?


The walking dead seson 5 finale!!! (Spoilers) I loved it so much! :D Finaly no one who i like died :”) And so much badass moment…Morgan be like a ninja turtle, Carol and her dish 😂 and Daryl and his triple kill 😍 umm yes please xD I still don’t like Gabriel :/ :p Boom in the face for Pete hahaha :D A lot of pepole says that if you don’t want no one to die in the walking dead than you’re not a fan… Dude what the f? Like come on, i just really like the charachters. Pff :D and i wish for Caryl being canon, so what? :D Yeah that’s all for now :”D

i just hope that in 5x12 ian will come back and have a real coversation with mickey (and gallaghers too). not the one, that leads to the fight. the one, that clears that mickey and ian love each other. that mickey’s not going anywhere and ian too. that they both accept each other and understand that they’re family. that they will stand for their relationship and love. conversation that proves ian that gallaghers and mickey care about him. 

very very much.

“We cried every time Michele sang a ballad, when Santana told Brittany she loved her, and when the show dealt with the tragic 2013 death of Monteith both on-screen and off. And, of course, we cried through pretty much the entirety of the two-hour season 6 finale, "2009/Dreams Come True."”

Glee Pays Tribute to Cory Monteith in Tearful Series Finale—Relive Every Emotional Moment | Us Weekly