African Lens: Volume 2 covers (Motherland Cover and Diaspora Cover)

With volume 2, I designed two covers, Motherland cover (representing African photographers in their homeland) and Diaspora cover (representing African photographers in the diaspora)

Motherland cover features a beautiful nostalgic portrait by Ivorian and Burkinabé photographer Samuel OueDraogo.

Diaspora cover features a mesmerizing portrait by Nigerian born, NewYork-based photographer Emmanuel Afolabi

Very excited to share with you all the final project. African Lens 2 will be released this summer. Stay tuned.

Love + Light



Model Subject: Materials Test
Original Date: October 2012

Firs ever college project, we were shown ways to cut and craft using these materials; Blue foam, Cork and styrene (along with vacuum forming with styrene acrylic). We could make anything we wanted as long as it included those materials and could fit onto the cube we made prior out of card.

I chose to make a cube dedicated to my love for the webcomic series ‘Homestuck’.
It featured; a combination of the 4 beta kids houses in the beginning of the series, the beta kids lands inside the game, the island where Jade/Jake lives, derse/prospit towers, and lastly a plack of the homestuck symbols.
This was quite early on in the series when i made this so it was only beta kids i could reference at the time.
The houses, lands and island were made out of blue foam, the towers cork and the plack was vacuum formed. The vacuum form was the hardest part as i couldn’t get the symbols big enough to be recognisable as well as fit onto the square, they turned out…somewhat recognisable at least.

Its one of my proudest moments really as everyone else in the class did very mainstream things and i went all out with buildings and crafting each part delicately. No one in my class knew homestuck and didn’t care to listen to me talk about it, but it really did make me proud to see this finished the way i wanted it to be.

So I’m finally done the project. Unfortunately I cannot colour it, but hey! I tried!

All of these people are the ones who inspire me. These being IllogicalVoid, TaberSnack, Mysticbaconslice, Rebornica(Deoxys). The ones on the right are mainly ones from Twitter. Those being Winterstray, TheWalkingMik, GrilledDolphin and Eggmeme.

Thank you guys so much for inspiring me and making me laugh when I’m down. Making me cry due to all the feels. Making me just continue to follow you guys.

Everyone here, even if I haven’t met any of you, is special to me. Even if you are intimidating to me for some reason unknown to me.

There is also one person I would like to thank. That being my girlfriend. Thank you for being there for me and I love you so much.

Anyways… This literally sounds like a death note to me now and it’s not that at all. But thank you all. As always, farewell!


Hay everypony, Ask Bo Diddly Mod here. Just wanted to give Sweet Disaster’s followers a little update on our little project.

So since Sweet didn’t leave as soon as we thought, the end date for submissions has been pushed forward; now you have until mid-June to include a submission. If you already received a message and would still like to submit something, feel free to do so. If you have no idea what I'm talking about and wanna know more, just message me privately at and I’ll give you all the needed info.

So to let y'all know: any new submissions are needed by about two-three days before Sweet leaves Tumblr, just so we have enough time to put them together in the final project. I’ll let Sweet give the deets on that date so we all have an exact deadline to work with.

Hope to see many more contributions, and have a good day. ^_^


For those of you who didn’t know or forgot about this, Bo Diddly mod here has taken the time to have been keeping up with a project and h for when I leave for my trip for a collaboration of pictures. ^^; 

The thought alone of someone wanting to do something to see me off on my mission trip is enough to make me very happy and grateful T//u//T And while it does feel a bit vain posting for something that’s supposed to be for me it’s one of the best ways to get it out there >w<;; So if interested, feel free to contact them ^^

anonymous asked:

Did u actually send in fanfiction to your teacher???

— Anon, I literally turned in my Bechloe Fanfiction for my final project. 

…I would show you what grade I got, but she did not put it in yet. I’ll post it when I get it.


Anyone can view!

So in my Literature and Composition 10 Class, our final project was to do a research project on something we’re passionate about. Being passionate about Feminism, I decided that as my topic. Starting off, my teacher advised against it because it was apparently “too broad” in her eyes but I ignored her and went with it anyway because she doesn’t decide what I’m passionate about you know? Anyway, so I did the project and presented it. During the presentation, I got many dirty glares from the teacher. Afterwards, I’ve been hearing a lot of students insulting it as well with things like…

“Wow, he’s really judgmental.”

“Offensive much?”

“This is really inappropriate.”

“It’s just a home-made book on how to grow a vagina.”

I’ve been trying to ignore it because most of the people at my school are just stupid anyway but I went a checked my grade AND I GOT AN F ON IT. WITHOUT JUSTIFICATION AS TO WHY AS WELL. I was literally horrified when I saw it. I told my friends about it and some of them told me to post it here to get some other people’s opinions. I have to admit, I did get lazy with some of the slides just because I was working on this at like 4 in the morning so anyway. But yeah.. Wonderful.


CPS Student Videos Take on Police Brutality, Guns in Hip Hop Project

The last day of regular classes before graduation is usually “senior skip day” at Julian High School, but not for the students in Daphne Whitington’s English class.

Late last week, they flooded into her classroom at the school at 10330 S. Elizabeth St. to watch the outcome of their final project: hip-hop music videos about the challenges of persevering through violence.

This is the second year that Whitington has ended her senior English class with a seven-week collaborative music video project. Nearly 200 students, divided into groups of about 10, were charged with writing music and lyrics, shooting videos and publicizing them once they were done. Of 18 total groups, almost all of them made videos focusing on gang violence or police brutality.

“I’ve used hip-hop as a teaching tool a lot in classes, and I’ve found that it can really be a hook for them to look at larger issues,” Whitington said. “In regular English classes kids can tend to be really apathetic, but with this project we saw so many of them jump out of their shells and discover some hidden talents.”

Great job, guys! I always glad to see any kind of try to fight police violence or to point at the acute problem. Silence is killing, only actions can change the situation. 

a little pencil test movie poster for a film I might board for my final project here!! mostly done to practice composition…still got a lot of room to improve, but I’m happy with how this turned out as is 😌 based on a cat of mine who was eaten by coyotes (except this movie would have a happy ending !)

my day usually starts at 5:30 a.m., but today i woke up at 3:45 a.m. to finish this school project due in few hours, since i haven’t had time (work in the morning, school at night) and now i feel like a part of me was left in between the pages of this stuff. 

and i still have to study for this ‘Investment Projects’ final. god….. it’s kind of extreme but i like it tbh

Not-So-Awesome Project Update - 6/3/15

Welcome to the update you never really asked for!

I’m pretty much writing this because I’m procrastinating on final class projects and I want to get some ideas down before I go insane. We’ve all been through that, right? No? Just me? Well, okay.

This is gonna get pretty long! If you’re on your computer, just press “J!” If you’re on mobile, may God have mercy on your soul.

First off… new logo!

I don’t know. I just like it now that I’m looking at it in this post. I really wanted something that I physically wrote on my tablet. Kinda personal. (No pun intended.) I’d like to tweak it. It’s the glow. The “The” part looks kinda weird. I dunno. But it’s cool and classier than this:

(Using this font is horrible, because it slows down your computer.)

Or this. 

Or even this.

No one remembers those last two logos? Good. It’s nice to see the progression anyway.

Just so you know I’m certainly not a logo designer. 

Next topic!

Oh shit. Not this again. I swear I lost 4-5 followers just by reblogging this project over and over again. Whatever. What do you expect? It’s something I’m working on and I’m itching to share it! Just waiting for the right time. Like I have a trigger finger and I have to stop myself from sharing too much. 

Despite that, thank you so, so much for your interest! The fact that this gets fanart is unbelievable. I just talk about it and share drawings. I haven’t really put out actual good content, because I’m working on it.

The Pilot script is at around 50-60%.

After I finish a certain scene, I’ll be going in for the long run to finish the rough draft. Big parts are coming up. So when the draft is done, it’ll be at about 85-90%. The rest is revising and editing. I’m hoping to finish the Pilot during the summer.

In the meantime, I’ve been screen-capturing certain parts that are taken out of context just to tell you that I’m in the process of writing it. That way, you wouldn’t have to go, “What the fuck bro? Where’s this nonexistent script? You don’t got shit.” I have encountered that and it’s honestly very annoying. I love to talk about it, but seriously, I can’t tell you everything. Another way to combat this is that I have shared the first page of the rough draft. The first page can be viewed here.

Maybe I’ll hold some kind of fan-engaging thing (maybe a contest, I don’t know) where I share the opening scene of the script. (I have fans, right? XD)

What will happen after I finish the Pilot script?

Uh, brainstorm and develop the second episode? XD That much is a given. I take forever on writing. I started the Pilot last summer and right now, I’m at 50-60%. 

But aside from that? 

Now this is where I stayed up all night yesterday just thinking about it.

  • Storyboarding! This way, whether I want to make it into a webcomic or an animation (or maybe something in between), I have that foundation. With that, It could easily turn into a comic or a rough animatic. As much as I’d love to be a one-man powerhouse, if I find myself to be overwhelmed… or if I’m lazy, I might recruit people. In that case, I’ll be snooping around. I’m always snooping around.
  • But what about voice acting? Right now, that’s kinda tricky, what with logistics. I’d hold off on that until I’m 90% finished with storyboards (or the animatics if I choose to go that route). Voice actors want to see content. If I go straight to auditions right after I finish the Pilot script, that won’t go well. 
    • But what if that’s all said and done? What would I do during the audition process? I could go through a third party, like, say, Cylight. That’s an option. But I could do early closed auditions, where I go through the pool of people I already know and they’d just get early access. Then I’d open the auditions up to the public for more. See what’s happening out there. But it doesn’t stop there. I would also hold callbacks. These finalists would be given an excerpt of the script. The character they get called back for would be interacting with another character someone else is auditioning for. (I make things needlessly complicated, because, hey, that’s just me.)
    • It’s too early to tell!
  • What else? Oh! I may hold a logo contest. Or commission someone I know to do it. If you look at the logo up there, it’s not the best thing ever. 
  • But I have a question! Would you guys like a project development vlog on my YouTube channel? This is something that’s been in the back of my mind, but it’s something I’d ultimately pass on unless you’re really interested. 

Children of the Sky is all fine and dandy, but what else?

Okay, fine. I’ll tell you what projects I’m planning. 

Remember I said I wouldn’t be doing abridged stuff? Yeeeah, about that… 

As soon as I get out of college for the summer break, I’ll be working on the script and recording for this. 

If you don’t know what this is, it’s basically two giant abridged videos (one for each season), where the characters are all voiced by me. Because why the fuck not?

You thought I was done with this? Nope! I’m planning on making a parody of Episode Duscae. I don’t have a fancy logo for this yet. The working title would probably be called “Episode DAS GAY” or something. I don’t know. 

As for like a script? I’ll probably write it after I’m done with the Free videos. Or… I could make it up as I go along.

(I shit you not, I just made this logo in Microsoft Word. Some fucking WordArt up in here. We’re going back to fucking 2003.)

I love Haikyuu!! I’ve always wanted to fandub it, but I’ve never gotten around to doing it. Haikyuuties!! are abridged shorts. Like a minute or two. I’m not good with long-term abridged series. Like I can’t do what people are doing with DBZ Abridged, Attack on Titan Abridged, Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged, 50% Off, etc. I feel like I’d be very comfortable with shorts. 

But what about all the other abridged stuff you announced a while ago?

I haven’t forgotten about this. It’s in editing purgatory. 

This, however, is cancelled. Sorry.

What about fandubs?

You bet your ass. I try to make time for fandubs. I couldn’t do much recently because of college.

Anything else?

I’ve been auditioning. As soon as I’m done with college, I’m going to record a test for a certain VN-making friend of mine. Can’t say much about all that fine stuff, but I’m excited.

Now speaking of college, I’m gonna go drown in the work I’m procrastinating on. 


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Working on my final project for hematology. There is only two and a half weeks until the end of the winter quarter, which means two weeks left until finals!

I might be stressing.

(And disregard the fact that it says the project is due March 3. We got a new instructor half way through the quarter and she pushed back the due date.)