final fantasy 14


I finished my artbook submission! Will post about its details when I get them ^^ In the meantime, here’s a gif-ed version of my submission. The theme of the book was Journey, and I’m having an enjoyable journey in Eorzea so far with friends~

(I haven’t actually cleared Garuda yet but she looks pretty oops)
Also sorry the photoset this time’s a bit long ^^;

so excited for that’s not healthy anymore xD
thank you square for freaking me out in those last weeks
before heavensward ;//u//;
can’t wait to put Luu’ into this outfit

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The I-Have-No-Talent Follower Give-a-Way

So that happened. Unfortunately, I have no talent, so I can’t draw you. I can’t sing for you. I can play music for you, but that requires effort that I’m not prepared to give.

HOWEVER, I HAVE GIL. LOTS AND LOTS OF GIL AND I CAN BUY YOU THINGS. (See, my neurotic crafting comes in handy.)

If there is any item in game you want, I will get it for you. For my non-Balmung followers (and those of you that are that are more interested in this), I will offer to buy you one thing off the Mog Station store. Anything you wish.

Whatever your little heart desires, you name it and it’s yours.

I’ll do the whole random thing. You only have to like and reblog once because I don’t want you to spam your dash. HAHA, LOOK AT ME TALKING LIKE THIS WILL GET ANY OF THAT.

Anyway, thank you everyone for your support. I don’t tell many people, but everyone I have met has helped me out of a really rough place in my life and I look forwards to seeing you derps and looking at your blogs everyday.

Will draw on MAY 9th, 2015.