Thanks Everybody! Gan is #UberExcited&Happy and if you look for longer at that Picture You will hear a *Squee* xD First Bday on tumblr Thou~~ ^^’

Including: ask-itsshyheart.tumblr.com & ask-sonatadusk.tumblr.com & ask-checker.tumblr.com & twotail813.tumblr.com & ask-visionarydreamer.tumblr.com & nighmarestallion.tumblr.com & ask-bass-note.tumblr.com And Also antoyuju.deviantart.com & breya-the-hedgehog88.deviantart.com

Also from today i will made a Tons of more HD ones and offcourse you can all find them on my DeviantArt such like This One Such Like always So i will never More Write about It i guess with link to DeviantArt anylonger: http://rozbojnik2.deviantart.com/art/super-excited-GaanPony-d7aetov-522917746