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This is less of a FOLLOW THESE PEOPLE NOW as it is me just expressing my love for these blogs. Some of them are my all time favourites, and some are new favourites. Either way, tada.

filthyromulan asked:

Hells yeah, sounds good. We'll need to stay frosty, I saw Gunny lubing his weapon (don't get the wrong idea, you dirty fuck) near our Humvee a little while ago.
Ah who am I kidding, who wouldn't want to see two hetero marines making angry love?!
Anyway, my favourite trailer park bastard, I'm Oscar Mike! I'll be boarding up the windows of the Humvee. Love you, Ray Ray <3

Gunny loves lubing up that weapon. I think he get off on that shit. Sick bastard. He’s like Trombley, he treats his weapon like it’s trim.
Have you ever seen two hetero marines making angry love? It’s a beautiful thing. I caught Brad and the Lt. last night, hence my late night combat jack.
Love you too, Walt baby. Feel the love!

filthyromulan asked:

How much did you buy Doctor Who 1-4 for?
It's 45 pounds at the moment which is kinda expensive
So I don't know whether to wait
Or jump on that bitch
Wahhhhhhhhhhhh make decisions for me!

I DON’T KNOW MAAAAN. I got it for 38 pounds~ :|