tinctorian asked:

Could you tell me what you see Rose and Tyrra's relationship w/ Daddy Vakarian (I forget his name, sorry ^^;) and Solana being like? When do they finally meet them, do they visit often, and if they went to Palaven, how did Tyr feel returning home for the first time since the war ended? Have a nice day!


True story.

This? This question right here? Is actually exactly what the next little arc of Any Four Walls is going to be about, when I go back to it. (And I do intend to go back to it!)

I mean, they were taking a space-flight trip, right? And it was a surprise for Tyrra. So. I swear, all these questions will be answered!  

Honestly, I just got so overwhelmed by feeling like I wasn’t updating A Handful of Dust fast enough that some of the joy of fic-writing in general kinda took a vacation. (Because of my own weird mental stuff, not because anyone in particular was putting pressure on me.) But you’ve reminded me how much I had planned for Any Four Walls, so maybe it will cooperate with me for a bit!

(My Papa Vakarian is named Kaius :D)

anonymous asked:

Okay. I have to ask. Is it Cupcake? Or Killer? Or both? Killer Cupcake? Cupcake Killer? Killcake Cupper? This kept me up at night! Also I love you. And Nista. And all the peeps. And yeah.

First, I am laughing a lot right now. (w0rdinista will laugh too, as soon as she sees it.)

Second, wow, how completely strange this ask must seem out of context.

Third, the mabari’s name changes depending on who you ask. To Carver, he was always and only Killer. To Amelle, he was always and only Cupcake (in her POV she refers to him as Cupcake pretty much exclusively). Kiara’s the one who swings back and forth. When they were children, Carver didn’t think it was fair that mabari was Kiara’s–had imprinted on her–and she got to name him, so he demanded the name Killer. Amelle thought it was a stupid name for such a nice puppy and called him Cupcake. Kiara generally sided with Amelle, though she kind of liked Killer, too. (She just couldn’t let Carver know that, or she’d never hear the end of it.)

Kiara mostly referred to the mabari as Cupcake, unless it was during a battle. (”Cupcake, attack!” just didn’t have the right ring, y’know?) Until Carver died. Then it seemed like a way to keep him with them, to call her dog the name he chose. She still goes back and forth, and uses Cupcake as a nickname, but in her POV she thinks of the dog as Killer.