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We have updated our list of third-party tools, userscripts, and bookmarklets! It’s not a complete list, just a selection of things we found around the net or that were pointed out to us by users. Some of these were even created by AO3 coders when not working on Archive code. \o/ However, please keep in mind that we can’t provide technical support for any of these unofficial tools. If something stops working, pls contact the creator who can look into a fix.

Here’s a few of the newest additions and classic add-ons:

  • If you use Google Drive to work on fics, fannish meta, or other text-based fanworks, you might have run into formatting issues when copying from Google Drive to our Rich Text Editor. In particular, italics and bold text will not be carried over correctly when copy-pasting the text. To solve this problem, OTW Translation volunteer Min has created a script for Google Drive that will take your finished work and convert all basic formatting into HTML for you. You can see it in action in this example document for posting to the AO3. Look for the “Make a copy…” option in the File menu, which will put a private copy of the document into your own Google Drive account. Then just delete the sample text and use the blank document for your own writing. When you’re done, hit the “Post to AO3” menu to prepare the whole thing for pasting into the HTML editor with a simple button click. HTML tags will be added for you! In most cases, this will be much more reliable than using the Rich Text Editor.
  • To view all Movie fandoms or any other of our fandom listings sorted by number of works instead of alphabetically, use this Reorder Fandoms bookmarklet by carene waterman.
  • Front end coder tuff_ghost cloned the popular Tumblr Savior script for use on the Archive: AO3 Savior lets you define creators, tags, or summary keywords and will hide all work blurbs that contain one or more of these terms.
  • Check out adevyish’s AO3 Lazier userscript which adds a Latest Chapter button next to the chapter dropdown.
  • The AO3 Statistics CSV Bookmarklet by Flamebyrd lets you download your AO3 work stats (number of hits, kudos, bookmarks etc.) as a .csv file, which can be neatly imported into a spreadsheet for your own number-crunching.

I was asked a while ago to make a plain version of my Ombre Tee. I did start one for myself, but it kind of got put on the backburner due to the number of WIPs I have at one time. Well I finally got around to redoing the texture and tweaking the mesh into what you see here. I really love these and they are just your average peices of clothing, something every guy should have in their wardrobe. I do have a few other variants planned down the road, so stay tuned.

The clothing item features:

  • basegame compatibility
  • Non-default
  • 20 colour options
  • available for teen to elder men
  • found by default under the t-shirt filter
  • can be found by default in everyday, athletic, party and sleep categories (but can be used in other categories by removing the filter in CAS)

The archive contains the package file and the image of the styles included. Just drop it in your mods folder and it will show up :)

Download: Mediafire | Onedrive


Happy new year, Tumblr! Hope it’s not meretricious ;)

I made this late at night so it might not be funny now, but I dunno— I think the world might actually be a better place with Mrs. Hudson ruling it.

Filter Me, AO3!

In the mood for Teen Wolf fic that’s over 2000 words and lacks Sterek?

Want to see His Dark Materials fic without being overwhelmed with crossovers?

Need some MCU shortfic that’s heavy on the angst?

Have a hankering for fic for your OTP without seeing any fic of that pairing that your ship usually ends up being the side pairing for?

Suddenly in the mood to see all the mature and explicit work for your fandom at the same time?

Want all of the genfic that isn’t also tagged with a relationship category?

Have a burning desire, for some reason, for the fic in your fandom that is between 4,246 and 11,111 words and has at least 314 kudos?

But not sure exactly how to make the filters work for you?

That is where I come in!

Send in a request for those more-specific AO3 filter-downs you want to see but just can’t quite figure out how to make work.

I use my filter mojo and give you a link with the results you want, as close as I can get them (and I can usually get them pretty close)!

Of course, not all searches are perfect, and sometimes a fic may show up in a search it doesn’t belong in, or a fic won’t show up in a search it doesn’t belong in, depending on how the author tagged or did not tag it. But the results should at least be a good starting point!

So feel free to send in your filter requests! I’ll get right on them!

Two notes for the sake of full disclosure:

1. This is not an official blog of the AO3 or the OTW. Although I am happily an AO3 tag wrangler, nothing posted to this blog should be considered official communication.

2. Although the filters have a lot more tricks than a lot of people know about, they’re not completely infallible. If there’s any limitation in any search, I will be sure to disclose it when I give out the results.


The top 10 pick-up lines of 2014.

Happy new year from bbcsherlockpickuplines!

anonymous asked:

i'm pretty scared i will be deleted omg are any of us safe

honestly these steps are pretty easy to do so I recommend you:

  • go here and enter your tumblr url and it will locate all audio you posted, not reblogged. delete any music you posted, or things you used a snippet of music in (idk how “sensitive” the bots that search files are).
  • finding videos isn’t as easy but you can find all the videos on your blog by [insert url] and maybe track down a video with music you might have posted a lot faster.
  • finally, simply check the inbox of the email account you used to make your tumblr account and search your inbox for any notice of a copyright violation strike. in most cases blogs aren’t terminated until after 3 strikes sent to them within 18 months. so if you have a strike, be careful you never get one again.

“Not even photoshopped.” The camera stores in Japan, in particular Bic camera are amazing. I got a “X-Cross Filter” from Kenko which archived this. It yields very abstract pictures and can be rotated similar to a circular polariser. I was lucky to have an ambulance come through right on cue, though you can’t see it that much. No, this guys lights were not that bright and no, the world doesn’t look this great unless its through my eyes. ISO 100 f/11 6 seconds

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eu perguntei como se faz header assim 40*media*tumblr*com/fad2809fe5f89d4aaccca93591d83060/tumblr_nldrazDOTe1titct5o1_540*png poderia dizer, por favor? :-)

vai em qualquer tumblr e faz isso bbiebersempsd/archive/filter-by/photo ai tu tira print e cria um documento no tamanho 751x500 e cola o print e ai vc vai la no tamanho da header e cola o documento junto com o print e ai vai em outro tumblr ou no mesmo ai vc faz a mesma coisa