Name 15 movies you love as fast as you can. I was tagged by filmsaremything

  1. the godfather
  2. grease
  3. goodfellas
  4. amadeus
  5. le feu follet
  6. 2001: a space odyssey
  7. the shining
  8. la dolce vita
  9. amarcord
  10. the african queen
  11. bringin up baby
  12. taxi driver
  13. rope
  14. dial m for murder
  15. autumn sonata

I tag betulookgoodinthedancefloor, rococo-lamour & everyone who would like to do it xx


it’s that time of year again! i may not talk to some of you very much or at all but i just want you all to know that you’re super cool and there is honestly no better group of people to follow. 

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