FRESH OFF THE TRUCK! Show your friends how intimidatingly analog you are by hosting your own 16mm film night! This Bell & Howell “Filmosound” model #535 16mm projector is in astoundingly good condition and appears to have a good bulb and a quick, quiet fan to boot! It comes with the original box and instructions, plus one small and one large takeup reel. Available for only $39.99 at our Greentree location, this is a great piece of equipment and looks almost as cool as it runs! 


Mythic Electronics in winter.

The last two weeks in the studio I have been doing electronics tutoring. Next project on the board is to build The Babezynth for Babes Trust. The Babezynth will have:

  1. A MIDI to control voltage converter
  2. At least two voltage-controlled oscillators
  3. A voltage controlled amp, filter, and banana patch garden that opens the door to a new universe

Tiamat still is waiting for some hardware to be printed, but the Creatrix should be completed soon. Tiamat will be an analog chaotic oscillator that uses a twin-T filter feedback loop and many capacitors to created replicable unpredictable rhythm and joy. 

Joyful noise to all you sweethearts.