film meme | two decades | 1980s

dirty dancing, the princess bride, the empire strikes back, wrath of khan, e.t., back to the future, ferris bueller’s day off, raiders of the lost ark, little shop of horrors, the wall


film meme | two decades | 1950s

seven brides for seven brothers, some like it hot, creature from the black lagoon, journey to the center of the earth, rebel without a cause, a streetcar named desire, night of the hunter, vertigo, the searchers, seven samurai

When it’s a week before #payday & you see someone being extravagant with their cash xD #aintnobodygottimeforthat #workproblems #firstworldpains #firstworldproblems #dirtycash #entrepreneur #selfmade #businesswoman #leonardodicaprio #wolf #wolfofwallstreet #wallstreet #filmmeme #moviememe #funnymemes #picoftheday


film meme | three genres | horror

dracula, freaks, jaws, halloween, friday the 13th part 2, a nightmare on elm street, the host, insidious, the innkeepers, the conjuring


film meme | one year | 2001

harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone, the fellowship of the ring, mulholland dr, donnie darko, shrek, spirited away, spy kids, the princess diaries, amélie, the royal tenenbaums