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If you’re filming in a theatre with your iPhone, the shiny little apple on the back of your iPhone reflects the lights from the stage, so not only do we know that you’re filming us, we can also tell pretty much exactly where you’re sitting so we can tell stage management and get them to contact the ushers to make you stop and potentially even delete the footage. So here’s a pro tip: DON’T DO IT! Not only is it distracting for everyone behind you to see your little lit up screen but it’s also really distracting for the actors to see a little, bobbing, lit-up apple in the audience like it’s a Disney Sing-A-Long! Everyone in the theatre, on stage and backstage, work SO hard to make it the best LIVE performance possible for every audience, every night! It’s all real, life size and in front of you for one night only, so enjoy it while it’s there because I can guarantee you, it won’t be as good on YouTube!

This video of a U.S. marshal smashing a woman’s camera is bad. Local news made it worse.

Another day, another awful police video. This time, the footage, filmed in residential South Gate, California, and posted to YouTube Sunday, shows a U.S. marshal attacking a woman for the crime of quietly filming him from several feet away.

Though the video was bad enough on its own merit, worse still was the first major report on the incident from the mainstream media.


So story time. An awesome friend of mine who lives nearby told me that there was a tv show being filmed. So we went to check it out, not knowing what exactly it was. Turns out it was Supernatural.

When Jared saw our Always Keep Fighting shirts, he ran over to take a picture with us. I’m on the right side. (of the picture, not his right)

And holy cow he is tall. Look at him bending his knees and still a head taller than us. He came back later in his Sam outfit and I got hug.

After they were done filming, Jensen came over for pictures too.

Today was a good day.

Now updated with both pictures, plus full story below the cut:

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