Don’t get excited if 5sos are filming a music video for a song that includes girls and ‘bad’ teenage stuff and certainly don’t expect a music video to describe what the lyrics are saying because Don’t stop was about them getting a hard one watching a girl dancing and we got a music video of four superheros where one got beat up by an old lady and the other was running after a cat.


So today was the last day of filming for High Rise and me and some friends along with many others waited hours for Tom to come out, unfortunately he couldn’t stay for individual photos etc but as he was leaving he made a wonderful speech from his car thanking us all for our support and enthusiasm and apologising profusely for not being able to stay, he said how he’d had an amazing time here in Bangor, Northern Ireland how lovely and welcoming we all were and thanked us for being a part of it, he left us by blowing kisses “for all of you guys” and hoped we enjoy the movie. SUCH A SWEET HEART


I’d like to see how Paul Anderson looked after this…!

Putting up a bloody good fight

Tom Hardy cut a sinister figure in blood-spattered clothes while filming scenes for [Legend,] the biopic about the notorious gangster brothers on Sunday in Borough, London.

The British star, in character as Reggie Kray, was seen punching actor Paul Anderson - who plays gang member Albert Donoghue - during a particular violent confrontation.

The scene occurs just after the pair leave the flat of ‘blonde Carol’, a barmaid at The Blind Beggar. After the violent confrontation, a dazed Tom was seen walking the streets alone with his hands in his suit pockets. //source: dailymail

Filming Legend | 10 August 2014