Last close-up for you my dear bookish people! Here’s the one and only book I’m taking with me. No surprises there. But I did buy this copy for this trip! It seemed like the perfect excuse to do it ahah and I LOVE IT! My favorite adventure book for my first big adventure! I feel like Bilbo right now, except I don’t have a bunch of dwarves eating all my food, that’s a relief ;) #book #thehobbit #bilbo #bag #travel and #adventures #mycanadianadventures #tolkien #BilboBaggins

So fellow Thralls, here's a mystery: that Thranduil poster - real or not?

Still on a sidetrack from the Silmmie…

That buzz from the so-called official poster? I could have sworn it was bona-fide because, first there was this tweet from Mr Pace


Then this happened:


Clearly, some evil is at work for even Thranduil’s eyes so starlight bright were cheated by some spell… … have to wonder though, does Mr Pace actually understand what he’s potentially asking for?

Anyway, this is perhaps a beacon call to fan artists to “show yourselves” to Thranduil.


Am I missing something?  Is there any other footage out there of Aidan Turner leaving The Hobbit set?  Because if we’re only going by the visuals in that one gif, I’m totally surprised at the people who think Aidan Turner was unprofessional and needs to apologize.  Even if Aidan wasn’t one of my favorite actors, my sympathies would lie with him because he’s the one “doubled over”.  It’s pretty obvious he was in distress but instead of asking Aidan if he’s alright Peter Jackson just calls for another take. 

Aidan gives Peter an exhausted smile and a shake of his head, probably too tired to talk under the weight of his costume and having already done umpteen takes.  PJ is famous for continuously asking for “just one more take”, and that’s his right as the director.  But Aidan also has a right to stop when he physically can’t take anymore.  He has a right to consider his own well being without apologizing for it. And note, no one else besides PJ was trying to get Aidan to return. 

Aidan is usually all smiles no matter what.  And we all know he puts 110 percent into his acting.  So for him to walk off set at the pace of an old man means he didn’t have anything more to give. I’ll bet both men hugged it out the next day with no apologies necessary. 


Aidan Turner Forever