• Joey:God, it’s gonna so weird like when I come home and you’re not here. Y’know? No more Joey and Chan’s. No more J and C’s. "You wanna go over to Joey and Chandler’s?" "Can’t, its not there."
  • Chandler:Look, I’m just gonna be across the hall, we can still do all the same stuff.
  • Joey:Yeah but we won’t be able to like get up in the middle of the night and have those long talks about our feelings and the future.
  • Chandler:Not once did we do that.

i may be bruised and
i may be broken,
i may be shards of glass
from a window you
left open,

but i fit perfectly
into your cracks,
and you into mine

why can’t you see
i just need you to see

you had the choice
and you chose fear
instead of me