A few years ago I was working on a major (major!) big budget LA-based film production

I was one of four women (out of more than 60 people) working in the art department. One day a male colleague and I were talking about how few women were working on this production. 

He proceeded to inform me that, “women are not as talented as men when it comes to the arts.” 

The weird thing: he said this with no malice, just as a fact.

So one of Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron’s on location shoots has been confirmed (at least by the local government).

Fort Bard, located in northwestern Italy, is pictured below. 

And while nothing is confirmed re: it’s purpose in the film, if you don’t think that’s the tightest secret lair for Baron Von Strucker you can get out of my life.

Film Production Acronyms

Thank you for putting together this blog.  I am not in film, but am a woman who feels that shedding light on your industry will help the conversation in all industries. That said, there are a lot of acronyms used on the blog that I don’t know or understand. Could you please put up a page with what some of those acronyms mean for reference?  It would help contextualize the experiences that much more. Totally get it if it’s not possible.  The blog is super strong and stands on its own. For example: DP, AC, DoP (assuming the same as DP, but still can’t figure it out), PA (this one I know but I’m guessing others don’t), ICM, G&E. Thanks. 

Thank you for the suggestion. The IMDB has a great reference guide of film terminology HERE. We have added it to our FAQ.