About another hour back down into the fjord and we arrived at our next destination: Mark’s birthday cabin! When I booked our stay I didn’t realize it was on the other side of the water from the actual town of Akureyri, but the seclusion was nice, and we got to familiarize ourselves with the lay of the land before even setting foot on it, which was cool. 

This place felt like a mansion compared to our previous digs, not to mention it was equipped with a hot tub, binoculars for peeping, and walkie talkies for all the drunken tomfoolery you can shake a stick at. 

Of course, we had code names. Rubber Ducky, Axle Bath and Beefeater. I’ll let you sort out who’s who.


Ida (2013) dir. by Pawel Pawlikowski: “This film, shot in black and white, is superbly constructed on every dimension. The plot is tight, and the acting is incredible. It is, literally and figuratively, a very quiet movie. The themes are huge, but the presentation is never strident. The arguments are very calmly placed in front of us, there is no special pleading; and the score reflects this. Agata Trzebuchowska absolutely seizes the camera, and never lets it go. She is just compulsively watchable. (x)

You don’t choose who you fall in love with, do you? And once you do fall in love - that obsessive sort of love, that all consuming love, where two people can’t stand to be apart from Eachother for even one moment - how are you supposed to let a love like that pass you by?