So this came from a mention to my dear fillyblue about a theory I had that Vanellope might be the only person Sour Bill truly cares about—maybe even far enough as love (in a protective, guardian way).

He probably looks after her after all. ;p So she surprised me with this adorable sketch that I of course had to color. :D

I’m writing a little drabble series based off “It’s Only Programmed”, and I plan to have one with the two of them in there. :p

Characters © Disney

Lineart © fillyblue

Coloring © Cryssy-miu

I was asked recently by my great friend strangeanimal08, to help with an art collab that someone named FillyBlue is putting on. FillyBlue is making a big art collection for her young brother Tanner who is in the hospital (heart problems, it’s pretty bad). BUT, she’s taking all sorts of arts and pics for her project, so if ya want to contribute, be sure to send some awesome pics for Tanner! Everything ya need to know can be read up - HERE

Sadly, my only artistic capabilities are at a zero, but I’m sure someone out there can do a WAY better job than me. So be a nice person, and send some pics!

I’m sure you can post it on tumblr, deviantART or imgur. FillyBlue just needs to be able to save the pic. (I think)


Fffff fuck it, I can’t work on my Christmas presents when I have just too many adorable sketches filly made me that I must color, like, NOW.

But also, after I’m eventually done my Christmas gifts and commissions, would anyone be interested if I made Turbo charms to sell? XD He seems easy enough to sculpt. Seriously, if I can do Whimsicott and Scrafty, I can do Turbo. 

Sorry about making him too short last time, I have no idea what was going on with his proportions. Anyhow, when I was looking at Turbo pics I found this one pic that turned into my without-helmet headcanon! I found their dA and they have ots of cool Turbo! Check them out guys: FillyBlue

So I heard and saw it was someones birthday over on DA~!! :D Happy birthday to Ash~ Even though we’ve never talked or you may not knowing who I am (due to me being insanely shy) I made you a little somethin for you on your big day today just for the fun of it! Aaand because you’re just plain out amazing,talented and I love and adore your work~ >w< Anyways happy birthday girly~ <3 I hope all your dreams and wishes come truuuue~! C: