Sweety Peach ♥ a 2 ans aujourd'hui !

Two years old ! This is crazy ! I can’t believe I already spent so much time with all of you :D

I’ve made so much friends and find such awesome artists, sure these years were wonderful, I hope more gonna come ! And, maybe I said it last year, I don’t remember, but Tumblr helps me improving my drawings, if I’m so far now, it’s thank to Tumblr and you of course ♥

Contest gonna come for that, and the new followers milestone (can you guess which ? 8DD) when the story will finish ! It will be fun ^^ So ask Sweety and Seedy many things, like this the story will be more interesting :3

Don’t forget the commission thing to help me welcoming Mr Phoenix in Belgium c:

Love you all guys, stay like you are =>> AWESOME ♥♥