aespren said:

Makoto/Rin fake relationship AU pleeease. Bonus points if Rin was the one that dragged Makoto into it and Makoto is just too kindhearted to say no.

AH MAKORIN YESSS THANK YOU. this one’s around ~1100 words and set while they’re in university, during their summer break which i assume everyone would be home for? idk, if i’ve made a mistake somewhere about that please let me know, thanks!

It begins, as all bad ideas do, with a lie.

“It was an accident, alright?” Rin explains to a shocked and distressed Makoto. They’re talking in the front hall of Makoto’s house—not exactly the best place for this conversation, but Rin doesn’t hear the bustle of the rest of Makoto’s family so he assumes they’re alone.

Rin couldn’t help it; he was so nervous, the first thing he blurted out when Makoto opened the door for him was, “So my mom thinks we’re dating.”

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