Bringing Felt Figurines to Life with @cat_rabbit

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“I’ve been known to spend up to 40 hours just on one piece,” says the Australian artist known as Cat Rabbit (@cat_rabbit), who brings vibrant felt creatures to life from her studio in Melbourne. What started as one-off gifts for close friends soon evolved into life as a textile artist. “I used to draw little characters in the margins of my lecture notes and then I’d go home and make them into felt friends for my real-life friends,” Cat explains. But as awareness of her creations grew, so did demand. These days, Cat’s figurines — fashioned from what she calls “humble materials” like felt, scissors, cotton and a wooden chopstick to help with stuffing — have found new homes across the globe.

Her creative process, however, hasn’t changed much. “I usually do a rough sketch of what’s in my mind before I start, which inevitably changes in the process of making,” she says. “Each character winds up with a very individual personality.”

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