New Smash Bros. amiibo: Zero Suit Samus, Dark Pit, Dr. Mario, more ⊟

So down for Amiibo Pittoo. Mewtwo and Lucas are also on the way, since they’ll both be playable fighters in Smash Bros. soon.

And the amiibo tap: Nintendo’s Greatest Bits Wii U game was also shown — “users can download the free app from the Nintendo eShop and tap any amiibo to unlock gameplay highlights from select NES and Super NES games.”

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From ALTAiR (Alter’s male figure line) comes a figure of Rin Matsuoka from the hit anime, “Free!”. Following Haruka Nanase and Makoto Tachibana, Rin is the third character from the series to receive the ALTAiR figure treatment, and the black and red of his Samezuka Academy swimwear makes for a great contrast next to the Iwatobi Swim Club’s colors! 


While my main focus is figure photography, I’ve also been experimenting with learning about online currencies. With cryptocurrencies like bitcoin gaining popularity, I’ve decided to make a cyptocurrency just for figure collectors!

Today, I introduce to you my latest endeavor: WAIFUCOIN

Waifucoin is a currency like no other! I know from personal experience that figure collecting is an expensive hobby, and managing finances can be a difficult task. Often times wallets are strained buying up all the latest PVC figures, but with a Waifucoin wallet things are easier than ever!

Sound interesting, right? You can learn all about this exciting new currency at the official Waifucoin site!