A collection of some of my art C:

Since a lot of you only know my directly TLK style art xD

This is my style!I thought you’d all like to see it if you don’t know me from DA ^^

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Please don’t copy/trace/redistribute any of my art ^^; A lot of art here are commissions-so I am trusting you all to leave them alone :’D

Who: Belle and _____
When: Saturday, August 23rd
Where: Virgo’s Opera House
What: Belle arriving at the Ball

Figiting with her dress, Belle looked down at her shoes. She wasn’t one to dress up like this for something. But this was something she wanted to do. And the only date she would ever have was Rhett But now with her single, she felt awkward. Walking into the grand ballroom, Belle looked up and around the great architecture in complete awe.  Thankful that her sketch pad was tucked away in her purse, she glanced around knowing that probably no one would recognize her with the mask, that she would be just a plain Jane to all the beautiful women in the most amazing dresses.

The Dress.

ironicbull said:

"there’s no need to worry" for your inquisitor/LI

"Stupid mages with their stupid magic," Annie grumbles.

"What was that?" Solas asks.

"Not you. I’m talking about the other stupid mages."

"Oh come now, we’re not all that bad. You obviously exempt me from your list."

"Yeah well you’re different! You didn’t lay down a stupid paralysis glyph thing and drag me off and force me into…into this!" Annie gestures the ruffled dress she currently wears.

With a grumble she continues to figit in the cloth, tugging at the ruffles and picking at the embroidery. Solas leans over from his seat across from the woman and slaps her hand away. Her head flies up, face contorting into a grumpy pout. The two have been inside of a carriage for some time now, on their way to some fancy ball to snoop around for information. Annie orginally was excited at the prospect of snooping, but when she realized what the mission actually entailed, her tune changed fairly quick.

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anonymous said:

Um okay please don't judge me this is really weird and I hate it but basically I pull out my pubic hairs ( I have trichitillomania) I have never told anyone this before idk how to stop I've not been diagnosed before but I think it's pretty obvious and oh god I just need to talk to someone sorry if I grossed you out

hi! no its completley fine! i suggest you go to the doctors and just tell them honestly about whats going on. I cant suggest you anything because this is a medical problem but if you want to get rid of it or try then i guess if you shave or wax your pubic hair off then you will have nothing to pluck at? Just try that and keep your hair in a pony tail. Also you should buy one of those toys that you can just figit around with so it keeps your hands busy. Im so sorry this is happening to you! Stay safe love xxxx

A little Photoshop added to one of the AGFA Ultra 100 shots.  I will admit, I am so very apprehensive to use digital technology such as PS on my film photos, it is not something that I enjoy to be 100% honest.  But I figure I have to do it a little now and again if I’m going to be making photography my main occupation.  Using the film in the first place and capturing the moment beautifully in-camera is what I really love the most, there are no control-z’s, burning, or dodging.  end rant.

painwheel-carol said:

"Are you Miss Ivy? You look like someone who would be called Ivy... My mom said that she was friends with someone called Poison Ivy... Uhm... We're starting a flower shop... And she said you like plants... so..." the odd girl figited as she looked up at Ivy

"Your mom? Care to tell me who she is? I’m not one for making a lot of friends, sweetheart."

thequeensclock replied to your post:Doctor said i have to stop wearing my green…


Yep yep. I’ll probably end up wearing it on a chain and only put it on for official space cop business, but seriously its so disappointing. It was something readily available for me to mess with if i need something to figit with just to calm me down. But I also have to give up hand sanitizer, at least for now. Which is a terrible thing because I am a germaphobe and being able to instantly clean my hands is an amazing thing and now i won’t be able to do it. grrrrr

vaeporeons said:

I have trich! I recommend getting a figit toy, spinner ring, and to keep both hands busy at all times. i find i do it while staring off into space or doing something that only requires one hand. if you need to, sitting on your hands helps me.

master-of-suiton said:

“What did you break?” (Child verse)


—Small chubby appendages figited with one another as her grand uncle spoke. No one scared her more than him, and now that she was potentially in trouble she was three times as terrified. "I-i didn’t mean to…" The child’s voice wavered as she struggled to hold back hot tears her face already growing red. 

"I was running in the house…and I bumped into the table…"Pointing a single digits towards the broken glass of an expensive vase on the ground she showed her little clenched fists that were now stained with crimson, "I tried to pick it up..but it hurted me."

I’m not prepared for school. I’m fearful of new people, old people, friends, teachers. Everyone. I can’t stay in class a day without crying, I have to leave. I back away from friends and figit when they talk. I jump when they try to touch me. I’m scared i can’t do it anymore.