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niall blurb tickle fightttttt

You very much regret that you ever let Niall in on the fact that you were ticklish, even though he probably would’ve figured it out eventually anyway. It wasn’t really your fault though, because Niall had gotten it into his mind to trace patterns all over your arms and especially along your wrists and you’re quite sensitive on your wrists and the feel of his fingers against your skin made you giggle (partially from the tickling sensation and partially from the generally giddiness you felt around Niall) and then, before you could register what was happening, Niall had a gleam in his eyes and he pinned you underneath him, hurriedly spreading his fingers across your stomach and swooping across your shoulders and neck, grinning as you cackled beneath him, pleading with him to stop, your feet kicking at his bum. And since that day, Niall likes to withhold his tickling powers until he needs a favor from you or when he wants you to agree to something or sometimes, when he feels like you’ve been working too hard at university and need to just take a break and laugh. ("Niall, gerroff me, oh my god, I can’t breathe… Stop! Oh my god, Niall!" "Well, babe, I haven’t heard you agree yet." "Yes, yes, fine, I agree." "Say it, babe." "We can get a dog. For fuck’s sake, get off of me." "Knew you’d come around, darlin’. I’m very persuasive when I need to be." "Yea, whatever, Niall, you’re picking up its crap." "50/50?" "No, Ni. Not even a little bit. It’s 100% you. And we’re naming it Marlowe." "Fine, babe. Now, give me a kiss to seal the deal!") And the tickle fights always happen in the same way - there’s a glint in his eye and then, his hands stretch toward your torso and sometimes he’s got to chase you around the flat for a bit, and when he manages to catch you (because there’s no if’s, ands or buts about it, Niall always gets his arms securely around your waist), Niall practically tackles you to the floor, laughing as you complain about rug burn before he gets down to the task at hand, tickling you until you’re about to pee, which you scream out at him and Niall generally takes that word ("Niall James Horan! I’m going! To pee!") as his cue to stop tickling you before you get truly pissed off at his antics. And sometimes, if you feel up to it, you fight back, reaching down to tickle the backs of Niall’s knees or brushing your toes across the pad of his foot, which sends him into a fit of laughter, but he’s much stronger and he’s got longer arms than you, so he’s got the advantage there, and to be perfectly honest, you don’t so much mind being pinned down by Niall, because sometimes when he gives you a minute to breathe, his upper torso leaned away but still straddling you with his forearms around your head, Niall comes back down, not with tickling wandering hands but a sweet kiss and some circular hip motions that don’t make you laugh but sigh into his mouth as you tug him ever closer. 

Hayzee is the producer of the Dutch rap-formation “Zwart Licht”.
He always comes out with the finest new experimental beats and loves the 8-bit(nintendo) sound
In the clubs he plays the finest eclectic mixes with a hiphop/soul background.

This is excactly what you about to hear in the forthcomming mix!


Kingsway Music - Vibez
The Internet - Visions
Jack Davey & Blu - iFeel
Troy Ave - Classic Feel
Jeremiah Jae - Cat Fightttttt (Prod. Flying Lotus)
Spooky Black - Without U
SkunkApeGang x Sortahuman ft. Ruben Slikk - Lavender Town
Krash - Kiss the Ring (Original mix)
Ciara x Rustie - Ride (Hayzee Slowed Mashup)
Tinashe - Vulnerable (ft. Travi$ Scott)
Chris Berries X Yung Luxury - XXXXXXXXXXX
Hayzee - Metroid (Nintendobass pt.2)
Que - OG Bobby Johnson (Tovasu Remix)
KenKen KillT iT - High Score
Ethelwulf - Don’t Fuck Around (Prod. Lil Ugly Mane)
Yung Lean - Gatorade (Lido Remix)
Goldlink - Ay Ay
Yung Gud - U Want Me
Young Dro - FDB (Lakim Remix)
Schoolboy Q - Pusha Man
Rihanna - Pour It Up (esta. remix)
Evil Needle - Falling Leaves
Doja Cat - So High
Denzel Curry - Denny Cascade
Spark Master Tape - KKaptain Baseball Bat Boi
Marvin Gaye - Mandota