I may have more fat on me now than I did. I may have more attuide than I did. That what happens when you go tho change. When you have to fight with people and for this. People tell me I don’t understand what fight for things who life mean. I do understand. I had to fight for my life. I may not have had to fight to get what from my mom. But my dad wad never there in life. And that was his choice. That’s my fault. I love my mom and I love kids. I am a change person because of things I have gone tho in my life since I made the choose to run away from one. Now I am single mother raise to amazing boys. Yes I may have a boyfriend but it’s not the father of my child. I am who I am who and I will fight for my kids. I love Ethen & Gabreil ♥ #fighting #life #change #myself #selfie #child #ilovethem. #boyfriend #mommie #iamamom #understand #diferentlifestyles #whoiam #proud #fighttiltheend