metaphoric dreams

daughter9 has been bugging us to move back into aspie12’s room. they are closer than two siblings i have ever seen. he said he wanted to share a room with her too. so we, and by we, i mean me, had to pack up her bed, wrap in plastic and put in the garage. got everything switched over and dh asked me to go to ikea with him. mmkay. 

got through that mess of insane walmart shoppers, heading home and dh has a fit that the movie tickets that i ‘threw’ at him were still at the house. so we drove back home, dropped off the desk, put it together, got the kids dinner and a movie and headed out to dinner and a movie ourselves. mmkay.

we saw ‘a walk among the tombstones’. it was s.l.o.w. good, but slow. and there were 4 older people talking behind us through the entire movie. it was annoying. but i didn’t say anything to them. until the movie let out. i was standing in front waiting on dh to finish peeing. they were standing there, like a gaggle of geese. i kinda meanly and snarky said ‘and the movie was ruined. ruined it for us.’ and i looked right at them. dh grabbed my arm and said ‘you’re on probation’. that always lights up another convo. 

so, last night i dreamed that a volcano was erupting in the background. it started with a rumble and in a movie like sequence, we were being blown away by the force of the eruption. then we were standing in my living room watching it from a window. the lava, the smoke, the side of the mountain collapsing. there were people outside my window, working on screens (i don’t know why) and a lot of peripheral shit going on, but and a river of lava was in my back yard. i looked off the deck and my mini-pom was being swept away. i pushed the kids back so they wouldn’t see, then my alarm went off and i woke up,

now, after what happened last night, and how dh has an opportunity to work up north, two hours away, can anybody guess why i was dreaming so interestingly?

come on kiddos, i know its early…but i think we can all see the forest for the trees on this one….

atinypyramid said:

Hi guys! Any tips on writing fight scenes? Always been bad at describing what's going on, so pointers would be lovely~

Fights can be tough! Check:


It is related from Abu Hurayra that the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said, “Fasting is a shield, so people should not have sexual relations nor act stupidly. If someone fights them or insults them, they should say, ‘I am fasting’ twice. By the One in whose hand my self is, the changed breath in the mouth of the faster is more fragrant to Allah Almighty than the scent of musk. [He says], ‘He has left his food and drink and appetites for My sake. Fasting is Mine and I repay it. Any other good deed I repay with ten like it.’” - Sahih Al Bukhari #1795